The latest Marist Poll taken in Iowa for preferences in the upcoming 2012 Republican Presidential nomination were reported yesterday, December 04, 2011. As expected, the truly relevant part of the poll is stuffed at the bottom of poll questions, as it reveals some very astounding results. Regarding a head-to-head match up against Obama, the only candidate to not lose is—-wait for it—-

That’s right, RON PAUL!

Here is that information as reported by Marist. Follow the links provided to review the entire poll and, in particular, the head to head outcome against Obama.

Obama Ties Paul…Leads Rest of GOP Field, But Only Has Majority against Bachmann

In hypothetical contests with potential Republican challengers, President Barack Obama bests his competition with one exception.

Against Paul, 42% of registered voters in Iowa support Obama while the same proportion — 42% — backs Paul. A notable 16% are undecided. Paul attracts 15% of Iowa’s Democrats and leads President Obama 42% to 35% among independent voters. Paul also has a 14 percentage point advantage over Obama among voters under 45 years of age. There is a gender gap. Paul outpaces the president among men by 11 percentage points, and President Obama outdistances Paul among women by 10 percentage points.

In a matchup against Romney, the president has a seven percentage point lead. 46% of registered voters support Mr. Obama while 39% favor Romney. 15% are undecided.

Against Gingrich, the president garners 47% to 37% for Gingrich, a 10 percentage point lead. 16% are undecided.

The president has an 11 percentage point advantage against Perry. Here, 48% back Obama while 37% are for Perry, and 15% are undecided.

When paired against Cain, half of Iowa’s electorate — 50% — supports President Obama compared with 32% for Cain, giving Mr. Obama an 18 percentage point lead. 18% are undecided.

The president receives majority support against Bachmann. In this hypothetical contest, Obama receives 54% to Bachmann’s 31%, an advantage of 23 percentage points. 15% are undecided.

The complete poll

Head to head match-up against Obama