Its almost comical to see the Neo-Cons turning up the propaganda machine in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting Ron Paul. In fact, every one of these articles are full of disingenuous and inaccurate comments and information – I mean propaganda.

Well, the good news is that are more positive stories on Ron Paul than I can ever remember.  More on that later. In the meantime, read some of the following stories and get a good laugh.

Ron Paul can’t be allowed to win Iowa- May Be The Last Time Iowa Holds First In The National Primaries

Auburn University Housing- Signs Are Ok, Unless It’s A Ron Paul Sign

Ron Paul, The Nazi, Has Absolutely No Chance To Win The Republican Nomination For President.

A Ron Paul Victory in Iowa Is Not A victory For Paul, But For Romney or Huntsman

A Vote For Ron Paul Would Be A Victory For Mittens Romney

National Review, Which Wrote An Article In The Past That Stated:”In the Deep South the Negroes are retarded” Says Ron Paul Is Racist

NPR Can’t Find Any Dirt On Ron Paul Except Newletters That He’s Long Ago Disavowed

Most of Dr. Paul’s Supporters, Of Course, Don’t Actually Imagine He Can Become President. He Hates Israel and America Too

Ron Paul Supporters Are Drug Addicts

Fox News, Carlson Tucker, Ask Why People Are Supporting The Old Weird Guy, Ron Paul

Prominent Iowans are terrified…A Paul Victory As Proof That Iowa Has No Business Vetting Candidates At The Starting Gate. He’s Hates Israel!

Kindly Old Doctor, Ron Paul, That Attracts Some Of The Most Violent and Reactionary Elements In Society

Anyone Can Beat Obama, Except Ron Paul