It’s amazing that so many Americans willingly allow and accept the non-stop assault conducted on their country and person by the despotic Marxists Obama administration. The latest assault is the opening of American borders to swarms of illegal border-invading Central Americas, claiming to be fleeing violence.   Yes, America is being invaded as a result of the U.S. Federal Government’s promotion and delivery of swarms of 10,000’s of illegal border invaders into America, at taxpayer expense. Well, they heard America is free and they are coming to get their free stuff.

That’s right, you are financing the invasion of our sovereign borders and all of the consequences associated with the invasion.

The Obama Administration and the Progressive/Marxist media keep telling the uninformed that “it’s about the children”, but the fact is, they consider tattooed gang members part of “the children” group. On a side-note, Muslim extremists and Chinese nationals are invading along with the Central American invaders.  This group not only wants to break into America, they intend physical harm to those opposing their anti-American ideology. Nonetheless, they all still want their “Free America”.

These invaders transport with them dangerous diseases, which also pose a physical threat to Americans.  Among the other host of diseases being transported over the border, the CDC has reported an outbreak of a mystery illness in border towns and military bases housing the invaders .

Taxpayer money is already being used to supposedly support an enforcement mechanism to thwart potential illegal border crossings. That mechanism’s effectiveness has been rendered ineffectual  by design, yet tax dollars are still appropriated to finance intentional failure. Now, you have the Obama administration requesting Congress to appropriate $2 billion  $3.7 billion to pay for the intentional crisis he created. The strain put on governmental services including, welfare services, housing assistance, food assistance, transportation assistance is an overwhelming cost to American taxpayers, at a time when America is broke and legal Americans are dying homeless in the street.

These invaders still want their free stuff and refuse to assimilate into American culture and prefer to stay illegal and work without the burden of paying taxes to help pay for their free stuff. Oh, that’s right, it they had to pay for it, then America wouldn’t be free anymore.

And in more ignored news, we have the Obama gang requesting additional taxpayer funds to cover the legal expenses of the illegal invaders, so they can afford to legally defend themselves against America..

Good luck accounting for this lunacy. I’m not going to or my head may explode. So here are some of the operations being financed to accommodate the invasion of America.

In the eyes of 10’s of millions of illegal border invaders, this is what they consider free America.  Unfortunately, for legal, law-abiding Americans, this is how your tax money is being pissed away.  You would at least think we legal Americans could get a thank-you from the illegal invaders for financing their “free America”.