This is just a friendly reminder to those who believe that Ted Cruz is an “Outsider” Republican Presidential candidate. Normally, when a political candidate pitches themselves as an “outsider” candidate, we normally understand that to mean the candidate’s career has not been in politics to any significant degree. We could allow a pass for someone who may have been a dog catcher, or a mailman perhaps.

Ted Cruz’s, a lawyer first, and now a politician, has a history of being involved with politicians, who are the epitome of crony, corrupt insider Establishment DC politics. While all of this information is readily and publicly available, the voting element that now comprises much of Ted Cruz’s support, seems to ignore the facts. This is just a reminder.

And just another reminder, that Ted’s wife, Heidi, is the other member of this stealth Establishment tag team. She was part of Council of Foreign Relations’  blueprint design team for a North America Union, which is the plan to create a border-free block of countries (Mexico, Canada, United States), similar to the failed,Socialist-created, EU. Not only that, but Heidi Cruz is a Region Head at Goldman Sachs. Not only did she and Ted get a low/no-interest loan from Goldman for over $1 Million, but Goldman is a major campaign contributor to Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is no outsider candidate. His adult life has always been political. He is Establishment, and if you are wanting to remove the political Establishment that has wrecked this country for over 40 years, Ted is not your guy. If you want to stick with what has failed and destroyed our country for over 40 years, then Ted’s you guy. He’s Establishment!