I found an item in a comment section of a popular American conservative news site. It’s a very long, but effective comment about the intentional destruction of free societies by the moneyed interests of the world, for the benefit of the same moneyed interests. This is not a commentary, just some facts of interests that I encourage you to pass on the next concerned American like yourself. If we had the ability, as Americans, to outlaw broadcast media from posing as news agencies to spread lies and propaganda, and find  reliable and truthful broadcast media outlets to report matters based in fact, with opinion-based arguments being clearly segregated, we could consider ourselves properly informed.  I’ll keep praying for a favorable outcome for America. Enjoy!

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Wealthy 1% elite globalists circling the wagons…………


It all seems to roll downhill and land on the remaining hardworking taxpayers.

Democrats bring in cheap foreign labor that reduces wages and take jobs from Blue Collar American workers in other industries. Foreign labor that will not earn above the poverty level thus requiring “help from the federal government” a.k.a. taxpayers as well as those citizens who have lost their jobs to this cheap foreign labor through no fault of their own. The remaining hardworking taxpayers then find themselves sandwiched between the two and seeing their taxes increased to pay for welfare, food stamps, free educations, free health care, free/subsidized housing, Obamaphones, etc. for both.

Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees
Migrant Crisis ‘An Enormous Opportunity for Americans’

More Than 90 Percent of Middle Eastern Refugees on Food Stamps

How stupid do they think we are????

The only winners in this scenario are the greedy business owners who profit not only from this cheap foreign labor but also the fact that they now have new customers for their products bolstered by the taxpayers who are forced to pay for their cheap foreign labor who can now afford to buy their products.

The wealthy global elites with the help of Obama, Hillary, RINOs like Paul Ryan and Democrats in general have purposely/slowly been transforming the globe a.k.a. “Globalism” to suit their own personal needs while attempting to convince us that it is for the benefit of all when in reality it allows them to enrich themselves even further. Without a second thought to the damage being done to the citizens of these individual nations, like pieces on a chess board they have sought to move the poor, uneducated, and illiterate from 3rd world nations to those areas/nations which enabled them to basically create the cheap slave labor that benefited them personally even when it included those from terrorist nations who would assault, rob, rape, and murder those in peaceful, law abiding nations. Case in point the mentally disabled woman and 5 year old child who were both sexually abused/raped by Syrian Muslims in Twin Falls, ID. For the citizens of these peaceful nations, one rape/murder is one too many but apparently for the wealthy globalist elite there is no threshold as long as it does not affect their own families who are protected by the best “armed” security money can buy and the walls they have built to protect themselves.

The Wealthy Globalist Elite & #NeverTrumpers are not ALTRUISTIC! They are GREEDY PROFITEERS like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Hamdi Ulukaya/Chobani, Airbnb, Ikea Foundation, Caterpillar, MasterCard, LinkedIn, UPS Foundation, Western Union, Jeff Bezo’s/Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook, Bill Gates/Microsoft, Eric Schmidt/Google, Tim Cook/Apple, the Waltons/Walmart, Bob Iger/Disney, Toys R Us, Abbott Labs, Edison Light, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley in general!!!

Prime example is Eric Schmit of Google who is on the verge of obtaining the same type of sweet deal that Carlos Slim whose company provides “free” Obamaphones while he profits because those who do pay for their cell phone service are charged a fee on their own cell phone bills that goes to Mr. Slim. Obama is prepared to offer Google the same type of deal where Google would provide “free” internet service to those who cannot afford it, paid for of course by those who do pay for their own service. Their generosity in providing free cell and Internet service is astounding, paid for of course by others!

Then of course we have Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of Chobani Yogurt in Twin Falls, Idaho with close ties to the Clinton’s who managed to get a sweet deal providing his Greek yogurt to the entire federal school system by enlisting a lobbying firm that he has paid $700,000 to since 2012. The very same company that is responsible for bringing these molesters and rapists to Twin Falls to work for Chobani.

How many of the companies listed above laid off/fired hundreds/thousands of American citizens and forced them to train their foreign replacements. Foreigners they requested on H-1B visas who are willing to work for less with a promise of a green card or citizenship? The two most recent listed in the news are Microsoft & Caterpillar.

Now imagine how those listed above would benefit from new/impoverished customers via globalism at the expense of hardworking citizens in western nations. Imagine all the “free” products and services they could offer and it begins to look like redistribution of wealth on a global scale with the only winners being the elite wealthy 1% who benefit from cheap slave labor and increased sales/profits.

True altruism is giving yourself, not taking from others by force to give to others while you yourself profit!

These global elites bring terrorism and war to our nations as they chase after the $$$ as if they were chasing Pokemon himself.

The citizens of our nations are now fighting for the survival of our individual nations and the very lives of our own citizens thus the uprisings across the globe & the elections of right wing leaders, the demand for border control, & Brexit, etc. Patriotism a.k.a. Populism/Nationalism is spreading across the globe much to the chagrin of the wealthy globalist elite who seek to stop Donald Trump from winning in November, attempted to steal the election in Austria, & their attacks on the leaders of Australia who have chosen to put their own citizens first with regard to immigration. After having lost control of the UK thanks to Brexit, the wealthy globalist elite are desperate to stop US citizens from doing the same.

How much have the citizens of our combined nations donated to these 3rd world countries via a corrupt organization like the UN whose Chief, former Goldman Sachs executive Peter Sutherland has now been outed as an advocate of George Soros, only to find out that it never reached those for whom it was intended??? Instead we find that it was stolen from them by greedy/corrupt world leaders to build bigger/more expensive homes/palaces for themselves, buy bigger/more expensive private airplanes, take more expensive lavish vacations, etc. while their citizens continued to starve. What of the “Panama Papers” and “Clinton Cash”?

The 7 Million Dollar Home of Mexico’s President
The house linked to entrenched construction group

Mexico has new presidential airplane

Mexico’s president defends $218 million Boeing 787 Dreamliner purchase

What of our own divisive so called “leader of the free world” who decries global poverty but doesn’t think twice about the lavish vacations/golf outings that are costing our own citizens millions/billions. The separate lavish vacations taken by his own family under the guise of government business??? Obama who seeks “globalism” & a “global police force”, at the behest of George Soros, as he props up divisive, hateful, extremist groups like “Black Lives Matter” and by extension the “Black Panthers” based on a proven mountain of lies while ignoring black on black crime and the exorbitant murder rate and extreme poverty in Democratically controlled cities/states across the country. How many were killed this past weekend in Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, D.C., Cleveland, Oakland, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc.???? Obama personally/purposely created the incendiary divisiveness in the US then poured the gasoline & lit the match himself that resulted in the deaths of so many innocent people (especially police officers and now white people in general) across the US. Don’t look now but there goes Obama skulking off into the bushes with a gas can after starting yet another fire. What kind of leader/leaders would purposely pit the citizens of their nations against each other with such hateful/divisive rhetoric. The answer is people with a personal agenda who seek personal gain and should never be elected!

FLASHBACK: Obama Promises No Vacations For Himself As President [VIDEO]

With the nomination of Donald Trump, for once, the winners are the American people rather than the wealthy global elitists and establishment RINOs and Democrats.

(Feel free to share this with others and post it elsewhere to stop the spread of lies from those on the left a.k.a. Democrats who continue to propagate these lies to rile up their base to make sure they vote for Hillary in November. Print copies and hand them out at both Clinton & Trump rallies. Especially Clinton rallies since we are unable to reach these people via the liberal/progressive lamestream media who are working overtime to block us.)