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So, South Carolina’s Governor Henry McMasters absolutely opposes government mandated vaccines. With all the “gate of hell” rhetoric, one would think the Governor would have a bit more to say about it, in opposition. I call B.S. because nothing has been addressed publicly regarding the Charleston County employee mandate, whose deadline for the last jab is October 18, 2021. Amazingly enough, the letters I sent to elected public officials was answered only by McMasters (after 3rd request) and Rep. Scott Talley. Talley spoke about S.117 that was passed by the Senate, but not passed into law. The SC House and Senate ended their 2021 session shortly after S.117 passed the Senate.

I have a relative employed by Charleston County for close to 20 years, and he was informed he will be terminated if he hasn’t his last vaccine injection by October 18, 2021. He is opposed to getting the vaccine due to the lack of verifiable data on it’s safety, especially since the drugs trials were not conducted prior to EUA of Covid-19 vaccines. This is the first time in U.S. medical history where a vaccine was not fully tested prior to administering, and the actual trials for safety and efficacy are currently conducted as live trials. In order words, the FDA will determine how safe these Covid-19 vaccines are once they count up all the people it killed and injured. This is what happens when money and power trump the true concern about the human race.

By the way, the letter I received from Governor Henry McMasters regarding his position on government-mandated vaccines is below. The mealy-mouthed nature of his indifferent position on this is typical of the modern GOP, and the reason I will not support the GOP moving forward.


Dear Mr. ­

Thank you for contacting me concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.

For months, I have called on South Carolinians to strongly consider getting vaccinated.  My wife Peggy and I have been vaccinated and I am confident that the vaccine works.  

Our state’s public health professionals have made all the information about the vaccine available to the public, as well as making the vaccine available to anyone who wants it. 

However, government vaccine mandates are not the answer.  Personal responsibility is the answer.

The decision to get vaccinated is a personal one.  It is wrong and, in many instances, unconstitutional for a government to entice, coerce, intimidate, mandate, or pressure its citizens to take the vaccine.  Doing so only deteriorates the public’s trust and confidence in our vaccination efforts.

Recently, President Biden announced that the federal government will require employers with over 100 employees to require proof of vaccination or a weekly negative COVID-19 test from every employee.  Employers will be fined $14,000 for every violation.  This is clearly an overreach into the powers reserved to the states by the Constitution.  I have vowed that the State of South Carolina will fight this encroachment to the end.

Please know that I will continue to encourage South Carolinians to consider getting vaccinated – while defending their right to make the decision themselves.  I hope that you find this information helpful.

If I may be of any future assistance to you or yours, please do not hesitate to contact me.   

Yours very truly,

Henry McMaster