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Here is the latest installment of news stories reporting the continued invasion of America and the threats to American sovereignty.

After Immigration Detainment of Auto Workers, Big Business Pressure Alabama Lawmakers To Change law

Alabama Farmers Complain To Government About Lack Of Illegal Aliens For Work

Unless Your An Illegal Alien Serial Murderer, Illegals Welcomed To Colorado’s New Pilot Program

SCOTUS Determines Whether To Take Up Arizona Immigration Law Challenge

Poll of likely caucus goers shows support for legal immigration

Liberal Maryland Rag Says GOP Voters Want Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

NY State Pput Low-ball FigureOn Illegal Immigration Student To Cost As To Be More Appealing

Illegal Aliens Chance Of Being Apprehended a Approx. 4%

MD Illegal Alien Advocates Say In-State Dream Act Cannot Be Put To Reforendum

NM Governor Tries For A 3rd Time To Repeal Law Allowing Divers Licenses For Illegal Aliens

Weed, Cash, Human Smugglers, and Illegal Immigrants Found During DPS Raid of Avondale Drop House

Letter: Glaring Difference Between Legal and Illegal Immigrants

Obama’s Christmas list rewards illegals

Washpo Claims National Guard Border Enforcement on Mexican Border Is A Waste Of Time and Money

Legal Immigrants Speak Out Against the Dream Act

California DREAM Act to Cost More than Originally Estimated

Oklahoma State Senator Proposes Guest Worker Program for Illegal Aliens

DOJ to Sue Utah Over Immigration Enforcement Law

Gingrich Favors Juries, But Not for Americans … Just for Illegal Aliens

Napolitano faces contempt citation over list of immigrants ICE flagged

The American unemployment situation has not improved. Obama has a plan to ease the pain. Unfortunately, it’s not the pain of unemployed Americans. His plan only benefits illegal aliens as he goes against the wishes of the majority of Americans looking to enforce our immigration laws. Obama chooses to pander to the Latino community for much needed votes in 2012. Do you feel like someone in the White House is flipping you off? Get used to it or make a change in the Whitehouse.

Here are some of the latest illegal immigration stories for this past week in America.

Latinos protest deportations at Obama campaign HQ

Immigration protest shuts down Loop streets

Protest planned at Border Patrol building Monday

Anti-deportation protesters block Kennedy Expressway ramp

Hundreds March In Protest Of Driver’s License Checks

Demonstrators, including some who admit being illegal immigrants, staged a sit-in during a Chicago hearing about a federal Immigration enforcement program.

Legal taxis ferry illegal immigrants to work in Georgia

Resistance Widens to Obama Initiative on Criminal Immigrants

Georgia rally protests of ICE fingerprint program

Obama Priorities: Addresses record unemployment problem by bypassing Congress on Dream Act

Neither Party Stands Against Illegal Immigration: It’s Tea Time

Alabama church leaders enter immigration law fray

Judge dismiss MoCo illegal immigrant tuition suit

Porous border an offense to legal immigrants, Immigration is a problem we brought on ourselves (letters)

Human smuggler sentenced in LA to 20-year term

City Pushes Back On Deport Ruling

CAPS to Super Congress: Immigration Enforcement Helps the Budget, Helps the Economy, and Should Not Be Cut

Mass Towns and Governor Refuses Refuses ToImplement “Secure CommunitisProgram”

MSNBC fails to see irony in report of illegal alien interning at state capitol

Police Officer Murdered by Illegal Alien

Obama DID lie: Obamacare now paying for illegal immigrants

Protests Target Obama’s Push on Secure Communities Program

14 from R.I. deported under immigration program

Reporter likens transporting illegal aliens to slaves using Underground Railroad

Op-Ed: Undocumented immigrants – ‘Huffington Post’ hysteria

If this is as good as we can get for GOP Presidential contenders, there’s no need to run against Obama. Newt likes a government mandated or a bond-posting health care system (which acts as a mandate). As shown in this video clip by CNS News, Newt supports government overseen health care now as much as he did in 1993.

It doesn’t get any better with the choice of neo-Newt’s neo-twin, Mitt Romney, architect of the individual health insurance mandate know as Romney-care.

If this is what we have to keep looking forward to by the Neo-con dominated GOP, then the Corrupter-in-chief, Obama, will cruise to victory in 2012.

Numbers USA reporter Roy Beck was just trying to cover the Washington DC rally attended by many illegal aliens and Marxists last month. What do Progressives/Marxist/Socialist/Communist do when presented with arguments that oppose their positions of dismantling the sovereignty and Constitution of America? Watch these videos, but make sure you have something to throw-up in as you watch the enemies of America quell dissent with their obstructionist tactics. The thuggery of these cheaters, liars, and crooks is reprehensible.

The worst part of this travesty is that the Washington Mall, maintained with taxpayer money, is policed by Park Police thugs who show more respect for the illegal aliens than the reporter who was removed from the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION RALLY. These people are looking for trouble and the more they continue to allow themselves to be agitated and manipulated, by those who want to destroy America, the frequency in which they will find themselves faced with tens of millions of pissed-off Americas will substantially increase.

Why are these Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS being supported by groups like HIAS and the Catholic Church? Without these types of groups that want to destroy America, illegal immigration would be dealt with appropriately by the laws of our land. However, those traitorous groups will continue their assault on America and our Constitutional Republic.

The root of this problem arises from those groups that are “Hate-Brokers” and enemies of the state. Research the Communists subversion of the American Constitution and you will find its toxic activities rooted in Communism that was introduced through unions and social and economic justice groups that insist America was built on a faulty foundation. I say go peddle that progressive bull dung elsewhere.

By the way, hotbeds for Communistic activities are well documented in specific cities such as NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco, St Paul and the institution of Harvard (capital of intelligentsia and elitism movements). Also research The National Committee for Protection of Foreign Born Workers here and here and you’ll be shocked to learn how deep and extensive the rabbit hole really is. The names may have changed, but their game is the same. These traitors gotta go.

Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Shultz (D) apparently believes Americans “just don’t understand” the national mandatory socialized health care system she and her progressives pals shoved down our throats. She explains that Americans are not required to purchase health insurance. No penalties here. It’s merely a tax bracket adjustment. Really?

These Marxist fisters really seem to get off by sticking it to Americans. It’s sad that there are Americas enjoying the rotten fruit born from these abuses and traitorous activities. They gotta go.


I’d love to know what the two traitors-in-arms, Joe Lieberman and Al Franken in the background on the video, were thinking and talking about while their drunk communist Senator Comrade from Montana talked very plainly about redistributing income to benefit the poor.

First, I just can’t believe residents in the beautiful state of Montana voted for this guy on purpose. Everywhere I visited in Montana was the exact opposite of this commie. Montana, like my state (who elected Lindsey Graham), should be ashamed for allowing these haters to trample on American freedoms and shred our Constitution. .

These Progressives, Socialists, and Communists, in every level of our Federal Government, are a cancer to America and need to be put on trial as traitors for trampling on the constitution. At a minimum, they need to be kicked to the curb.