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If you didn’t happen to catch the straw poll announcement at CPAC, you missed an odd occurrence. When Ron Paul was announced as the winner, we heard a smattering of applause and cheers that were quickly drowned out by loud boos, but when 2nd place Mitt Romney’s name was announced, the crowd cheered loudly. Go figure.. The breakdown of the vote is as follows…

  • Paul 31%
  • Romney 22%
  • Palin 7%
  • Pawlenty 6%
  • Pence 5%
  • Huckabee 4%
  • Gingrich 4%

I know that in the past, CPAC was dominated by the GOP establishment types, but why do so many of them hate Ron Paul? I don’t get it. I don’t always agree with Paul on Foreign policy issues, but why do so many neocons label him a kook? The press and blogs, on both the left and the right, including Fox News, are complicit in propagating the notion Paul is somehow out of touch. I don’t think he’s a kook. I think he’s right on about 90% of the issues.

There were more boos in the crowd when Paul’s name was announced -vs- cheers when Romney’s name was announced. Yet, 31% of the voters in the poll supported Paul. There is a definite disconnect here and a clear split that is hard to explain.

I’m not saying that I would support Paul for president but do I prefer him over Romney. Romney is just another progressive GOP establishment puppet and he’s about the last person I’d support for president.

Romney is just another Obama style politician, who will say or do anything to get elected. He’s the same progressive who brought a failed universal heath care “mandate” to Massachusetts. He dramatically raised government “fees” to pay for all the spending, while claiming he didn’t raise taxes (fees -vs- taxes). Doesn’t that sound like the same old BS we see all the time from our politicians?

I don’t see how putting the same establishment politicians back in office is going to change anything. Is Romney kind of person real conservatives and those in Tea Party movement can get behind? I hope not.

As reported previously on The Liberty Journal, several big supporters of the Teal Party Movement has already pulled out.

Fox new is reporting the following..

Over the past few weeks, several sponsors, speakers and volunteers have backed out of the convention, scheduled Feb. 4-6 at Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., after learning that the convention organizer, Tea Party Nation, is a for-profit company. Some activists and outsiders alike are questioning the motives of Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips.

Phillips originally said profits from the convention would fund a tax-exempt, “527” political organization that would air ads to promote conservative candidates.

But Phillips later told Politico that plans for the 527 group may not fly.

The event’s main sponsor, American Liberty Alliance, dropped its sponsorship after learning that those who purchased tickets paid for them through PayPal accounts linked to an e-mail address belonging to Phillips’ wife.

National Precinct Alliance has canceled precinct strategy workshops. Meanwhile, American Majority scrapped plans for two sessions at the convention and withdrew its sponsorship.

The national convention that began as a way to unify tea party activists from across the country is now threatening to divide them. Some of Tea Party Nation’s own volunteers and members have rejected the convention because they see profiteering and fear a Republican Party takeover.

Something just doesn’t smell right here. I think Scott Boston summed it up pretty well..

“It seems to me like it’s going to be a bunch of people who want to stand in front of our movement and lead it as parade leaders rather than being somebody who wants to walk with us in the parade,” said Scott Boston, member of Bowling Green Ohio Tea Party Patriots.

Sara Palin is still planning on being the keynote speaker at the event. At $349 to hear Palin and $549 for the full event, I don’t see the average Tea Party activist attending.  This kind of thing runs counter to the fiscal sensibility of Tea Party activists.

It’s a shame it had to come to this. The Tea Party movement deserves better.

I had a chance to attend Jim DeMint’s town hall on health care reform at the Beacon Drive-In in Spartanburg, S.C. on the Aug. 20th.

There was a great turnout, with an estimated 600-700 concerned citizens at the event. I put together a nice highlight video of the event.

There were several progressives there from the American Cancer Society who asked questions. One was simply an attack dog for the left and she had her Democratic talking points all listed out for her on a clipboard.

I volunteered once for the ACS and while they certainly do some good work, I found the meetings and members to have a very leftist slant. After digging a bit more, I realized that much of the funds being raised were not being used to help cancer victims, but being used to buy advertising promoting sin taxes and six tax laws, something I vehemently oppose. Needless to say, I decided not to contribute my time to that group.

Nonetheless, the event was very enjoyable and the crowd was decidedly against the current health care reform proposal the Democrats have cooked up, which is the first steps toward a government takeover of the system.

Jim has a much better alternative plan. You can read more about his proposals here and here.

We certainly need more Senators like Jim DeMint representing the citizens of our great country.

I took the little trip down the road to Columbia to check out the Taxed Enough Already rally at the statehouse. The event was organized by the SC Fair Tax folks, an organization and idea that I support.

I’d estimate there were around 2000k citizens rallying at the event. It was hot though, in the 90s, so there were a lot of people hugging the shade, rather than crowding around the front of the stage. You couldn’t stand there on the concrete in front of that stage for long but there were plenty of trees and they had a good PA so hearing wasn’t a problem. I found a good spot under a tree just to the left of the stage, with a clear view and a nice breeze blowing. I’m sure the crowd would have been larger if it were not for the heat and the fact that many people vacation and cook-out on the 4th.

(click on pictures to zoom in/out)

What’s a rally in South Carolina without a confederate soldier carrying a confederate flag?

The speakers were very good. John Perna from the SC fair tax group rallied the crowd to his cause.

The best speaker was Talbert Black from the Campaign for Liberty, who made a really good speech promoting a move toward freedom and liberty, with less government intrusion.

DeMint was there but he didn’t speak long. It was too damn hot. He was mainly there to stand up for the cause of liberty and freedom, and for a book signing to promote his new book: Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism.

Here’s a little video of DeMint..

One of things I really liked about this rally is that I didn’t hear anyone mention political parties, except to criticize them, and rightly so. This event had little to do with political party affiliation. It was all about coming to together to promote liberty, freedom, smaller government and lower taxes, no matter your political party affiliation.

I had a great time, the traffic was light and I chowed down on some great seafood. Lots of fun!! I’ll be back for the next one.

I attended the Tea Party in Boiling Spring, SC today which featured Alan Keyes as guest speaker.  I was surprised by the turnout of at least 300, considering it is was in a kind of tucked away area.  Overall, the atmosphere was pleasant.  I was kind of taken back by the skinheads present and the lack of minorities, but all and all it was a good showing.  Here is the audio of Alan Keyes speech: part 1, part 2, part 3

In case you didn’t read it, here is Alan Keyes’ column in , in his own words, on why he was having tea in Boiling Springs, SC.

Because organizers there did not shy try to discourage me from presenting what I believe to be the true and essential message about the crisis the United States now faces. I believe it’s a crisis that goes beyond Obama and his determination to drive America over the cliff of socialist self-destruction. It goes beyond the willingness of self-serving elites to plunge generations of Americans into enslaving national debt that will hollow out both our economic strength and our liberty. I cannot talk about the crisis that grips us today without reference to the collapse of moral principle and national character that lies at the root of it.

A great speaker as a defender of liberty

I noticed a lot of anti-Obama literature andsigns when we arrived, so it had the feel of a Republican rally.  When we arrived, Ms. Christina Jeffrey, who is running for political office, was all about the (R) party.  She kept bashing the (D) and saying the (R) needed to take back control of Congress and the White House.   After I heard that, I just tuned her out and handed out fliers about this movement not being a (R)/(D) movement.  It also advertised The Liberty Journal website.

We need to grow this more and plan these once every 3 month.  The more we have them, the more people will start to attend.  When Boiling Spring had their Tea Party this past April, only about 150 people showed up.  Three months later, well over 300 showed.  Even though it’s the 4th of July, that double the attendees.  Support you local Tea Parties.

Here are more pics from the rally.

Story Amended July 5, 2009

The Spartanburg Herald write-up on the story on July 5, 2009.  They estimated the crowd between 600-800, so I missed by several hundred.  Way to go Upstate.

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