Brought to you by Right Side Broadcasting, LLC., Donald Trump holds an event to benefit military veterans on 01/28/16, as he chose not to attend the Fox News hosted debate ambush. Enjoy!


Great Sit Down Interview With Donald Trump

Cutting through all the media and Establishment propaganda about Donald Trump is a chore. Rarely these days, do you see/hear an actual Trump interview where the interviewer doesn’t have a severve case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). This interview is clean, concise, and is real. Enjoy!


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Many politicians, during the course of running for political office, depend upon campaign funds from a variety of sources – personal funds, individual donors, and PAC’s.

The self-funding politician is in a rare bird. Possibly, accepting smaller, individual donations, keeps them on good footing with those who want to support them and want to feel like a relevant contributing constituent. Usually, this self-funding candidate has his own wealth to invest. Some actually self finance, with borrowed funds. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this approach. You take out a loan and pay it back with interest. However, if a candidate has taken political stance of attacking big banks and crony capitalism, you would think that candidate would find an alternate source for a loan(s), other than the exact entity he demonizes in part of campaign talking points. Maybe a rich friend or relative would alleviate him/her from having to borrow money from an entity that this candidate so despises. Could it be that this candidate only uses the demonizing talking points for mass consumption, while really supporting the demonized entity.

So if Ted Cruz took out a loan from Goldman Sachs and a line of credit, against their assets, who cares, right? Well, come to find out, it seems Goldman Sachs actually has Ted Cruz on the hook for a favor. Why? How much money do you think Goldman Sachs just saved Ted Cruz – a seemingly indirect campaign contribution? Let see!

Cruz Loan – $1,430,000

If he were to pay back 3% annually, for 36 months, in an non-amortized loan, his annual interest would be approximately $43,000, times 36 months is approximately $130,000. And you can use various term and interest rate variables to see how much money Goldman Sachs potentially saved Cruz. Even if we are going to use a minimal term, at a minimal interest rate, Goldman has some favors to be paid back by Cruz. So my question is, what favors will Ted Cruz have to provide to his wife’s employer, Goldman Sachs?

On another note, why was Ted Cruz’s largest donor PAC contributor, Robert Mercer,  a major player in the political PAC, American Crossroads, headed by none other than Mr. GOPe himself, Karl Rove? Just asking!





I continue to be astounded by supports of the 3rd worst Presidential candidate in American history. Hillary Clinton is not far behind the two worst – Barack Obama and Woodrow Wilson. A vast amount of documentation is available that covers all the corruption, graft, malfeasance perpetuated by Hillary Clinton and family/friends. Even though scores of books are written about it, you would think those leftist oriented voters would have been exposed to it by now. Well, since we allow today’s American media to endlessly spread unchecked propaganda, distortions, and lies, while calling it journalism, it’s no wonder the Hillary Clinton corruption is still news to some left of center voters. So, we will do our part to help spread the word to those left of center voters who aren’t supporters of America’s destruction. This video is for you.

As for the remaining left of center voters, Progressive Republican, and Neo-cons, we know what your goal is. They are true anti-American Globalist-supporting Progressives, Communist, and Socialists, determined to transform America into a Globalist 3rd World utopia. We are on to you and your political beat-down will begin soon enough.


TRUMP 2016


The last time checked, this video was still working and had not been taken down by the Mainstream Cultural Marxist Warriors. This should be a permanent fixture in the minds of all Americans that love America. PC Marxist ideology has caused this crisis in Europe and the same Marxists, pushing it there, are dead set against exposing the truth. It’s bad enough we have to put up with the “your a racist” canard for wanting to stop the invasion of America and the destruction of American culture from Mexico, Central and South America, but now we have to put up with the “you’re a Islamiphobe” for insisting that we stop Mid-Eastern invaders from being imported into American communities, while shouting ALLAH AKBAR and claiming to be moderate Muslims. Enough of the PC BS. Time to call it what it is:



Well, another week and more deafening sounds of crickets from the “self-proclaimed” mainstream media regarding the invasion of illegal aliens, including terrorist at America’s southern border. As usual, you have to leave the beaten path of news reporting to even find stories covering the invasion. I think most of us who are interested in truth in news reporting realize that no reporting of stories will occur if it reflects negatively towards their Marxist philosophy and the current Marxist-run Obama administration. Lies by omission and propaganda is the modus operandi of our compliant and corrupt press. In fact, the only reporting you will find from this corrupt media, regarding the illegal alien invasion of America, are propaganda-laced stories and lies to further promote their primary objectives of fleecing the public and ignoring the truth, while promoting Marxism. What else should we expect from reality show creators, who also own and produce these phony, agenda driven “news” programs? Let’s label the self-proclaimed mainstream media what they truly are, the “Infotainment Media Complex”. Enjoy!

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