This crusty relic of a Senator is the Chair of one of the most powerful Senate Committees, the Senate Judiciary Committee. You would hope that these progressives would at least learn about the founding of our country and the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (at a minimum) before being allowed in these committees, much less be allowed to run for elected office. However, when interviewed regarding the constitutionality of government mandated socialized healthcare, he declared it was allowed under the “Good and Welfare Clause”. Watch, but be warned this may cause blood to shoot from your eyes.


That’s right -just make this stuff up (including the rules) as they go.

What is the importance of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee

Established in 1816, the Judiciary Committee is one of the standing, or permanent, committees of the U.S. Senate. In 1868 the Senate directed the Judiciary Committee to examine and screen, for the full Senate, all Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court. Since then, one of the highly visible and very important duties of the committee is its investigations and recommendations about Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court.

-The Judiciary Committee quickly became a powerful influence on national legislation
-It is most popularly known for investigating nominees to the federal bench
-The Judiciary Committee receives the president’s judicial nominations from the full Senate for  investigation – The committee’s handling of nominations has been a subject of controversy almost from the origins of that practice…it is not unusual for committee chairs to further delegate responsibilities to subcommittees for reviewing lower court nominees.

This helps solidify the argument that all Congresspeople and members and appointees of the Executive Branch should be certified in American Constitutional knowledge. This clueless buffoon is one of the many in the Legislative Branch with no clue regarding America’s founding. What they do learn is used as a point of reference to promote progressivism, socialism, communism, Marxism, etc.. only

Please help educate America about the enemies of our Constitutional Representative Republic and how these traitors, both Republican, Democrat, and Independent, have no other goal for America that to have Lady Liberty holding a “Hammer and Sickle”.

Keep exposing these traitors and fight to remove them from Congress.

It’s been reported by the GOP that the proposed health care legislation would create a plethora of new agencies to the federal government. While I believe republicans no more than their democrat counterparts, you have to assume a tangled web of government departments will built into this proposed health care system.  Considering that government hasn’t the ability to control the size and costs of the bureaucracies it creates, why would American taxpayers allow Congress to create more. While we may not approve, the White House cares less. Obama must be counting the potential positions within these bureaucracies to pad his fictitious jobs numbers. The funny thing is that no one is talking about the sub-bureaucracies that will be created within the IRS when the Treasury Department’s police force is married to American’s health care. You talk about an Orwellian concept.

This older ACLU (even though they are an enemy of the Constitution) video shows the potential ramifications of having this gargantuan health care beast shoved down our throats.

Ordering a Pizza In Socialist America

This is a play for total information control and it will dictate your future in America.

Wake up America

One of the major assaults on our Constitution was the FISA bill passed during the Bush II administration after 911, supported by both Democrats and Republicans.  Of course, one of the major provisions of that bill allowed for retroactive and future immunity from past and future illegal wire-tapping conducted by the telecommunications industry.

In 2008, a great deal of political grandstanding took place as both (d) and (r) sought support for their position on FISA renewal.  Well, Obama, like the majority of Democrats, rallied against the FISA bill renewal only to capitulate at voting time.

The House passed legislation to expand spying authority, despite the objections of most Democratic lawmakers, almost ensuring that a White House-backed surveillance measure will become law.

The Democrats fought the Republicans over FISA, but massive lobby efforts and campaign contributions from the telecommunications industry swayed Democrats into supporting their position. This could have been defeated if (26) Democrats had voted for American freedom instead of Corporatism and continued immunity for the telecommunications industry.

Why did Democrat’s support the telecommunication industry instead of the American public? If you guessed industry lobby efforts and campaign contributions, then you’re barking up the right tree. investigated this connection and found “HOUSE DEMS WHO CHANGED THEIR VOTE TO SUPPORT FISA BILL, GIVING IMMUNITY TO TELCOS, RECEIVED, ON AVERAGE, $8,359 IN PAC CONTRIBUTIONS FROM VERIZON, AT&T, AND SPRINT.

This week Senate Democrats urge ending telco wiretap immunity .

The Obama administration earlier this week asked Congress to reauthorize the use of three techniques that expire later this year — roving wiretaps, access to business records and tracking suspected foreign militants who may be working individually rather than as part of a larger group, known as the “lone wolf” authority.

While there is some support for renewing those methods, some Senate Democrats have said they want to bolster privacy protections, something the Obama administration said it was willing to consider.

What’s changed since the vote of 2008?

2009 Lobby Effort to Congress
At&T -$8.19 million
Verizon -$9.2 million
Sprint/Nextel -$1.3 million
2009 Total Telephone Utility Lobby -$22.2 million

It looks as if the telecommunications industry has ramped up their lobby efforts and continue to shovel boatloads of money to both sides of the congressional aisle. Will the Democrats support privacy rights of American or continue, like their Republican counterparts, to cater to corporate amerika’s interest and continue their assault on the Constitution of America? I think money will win out and, unfortunately, the telecommunications industry has the royal flush in that game.

Contact your Congressional representative and ask them to protect American freedom instead of telecommunication companies’ profits. Support those in Congress who truly support the Constitution.

Most citizens of the U.S. have been brainwashed into believing the form of government set forth by our Founding Fathers was a Democracy.  They knew that Democracy was essentially mob rule that transforms itself into an Oligarchy and that’s what we currently have.  That’s why the United States was set up as a Republic , which is based on “the rule of law” where the government itself leaves it’s citizens alone, instead of trying to run their lives.  We can return to a Republic only if the people of America wake up and take our country away from the corporate bought and paid for politicians.


Can you ever imagine the result of U.S. citizens not buying into the polarized political spectrum created by U.S. politicians?  Allowing the most polarizing issues to separate us guarantees the citizens of our country will continue to be used as pawns in the politician’s game that serve their self-interests and special interest.

Being a former Republican, I was tired of the, “it’s the Democrat’s fault; no it’s the Republican’s fault”. I finally realized the name of their game is to keep a divided America, so the average voting citizen has no true say in the gargantuan government that has been essentially designed by corporate America and implemented by corrupt politicians.

Most of us in America, regardless of political affiliation, have more common interests than the current political system would have us believe. Of course, there will continue to be the neo’s, theo’s, and paleo’s on each side of the spectrum that represent the extremes, but do not represent the majority of us.

We should allow the most divisive issues between us to be handled on the state level or personal level and unite around the ideas that once made us the envy of the world.  The (R) and (D) truly represent special/corporate interests and are moving closer to a fascist America.

Throw away both of these parties and help create an alternate political movement that moves in step with the Constitutional Representative Republic our country was founded on.  We need to unite for our interest before it is too late.