You put the printing presses into overdrive to fund the government spending and to hand out cheap money to your Masters on wall street which they used to rake in record profits while ordinary Americans and small businesses can’t even get loans for their everyday needs…you are the definition of a moral hazard!


I couldn’t resist. As reported by AP News on 10-13-09 , the FDA found vials of drugs, manufactured by Cerezyme, that contain harmful substances. Infected drugs are:  Cerezyme, Fabrazyme, Myozyme, Aldurazyme and Thyrogen.

The Food and Drug Administration said Friday that bits of steel, rubber and fiber found in vials of drugs used to treat rare enzyme disorders could cause serious adverse health effects for patients.

Despite those problems, the FDA said the products would remain on the market, because there are few alternative treatments.

It’s exciting that this administration wants to take over American health care. This follows another incident in June as reported

The FDA announcement is the second case of contamination for the Cambridge, Mass.-based company this year. In June, Genzyme was forced to shut down a key production facility due to viral contamination.

I guess the same old rule applies. Take action after the company is sued for wrongful death. Even then they would try to settle and keep it on the market. Fortunately for Cerezyme, their Board of Directors’ seem well connected.

Henri A. Termeer (Chairman)

Deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s board of directors

Richard F. Syron

Director at Freddie Mac from 2003-2008. Served as president of both the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, and he played a major role in restructuring New England’s banking system following the crises of the early 1990s. He has served as deputy assistant secretary of the United States Treasury, principal assistant to Federal Reserve Chairman Paul A. Volcker, and has held several economic, research, policy and managerial positions in state and national government.

Senator Connie Mack III

Served as a United States Senator from the state of Florida from January 1989 until January 2001. After leaving the Senate, he served as senior policy advisor in the government relations practice at Shaw Pittman

Take it for what it’s worth. Maybe having an ex-senator and one former CEO of Freddie Mac and one current federal reserve bank officials doesn’t have anything to do with allowing this company to continue putting poison on the market. This is the kind of transparency the Obama administration is becoming known for. This is from the administration that wants to take over American everything, but obviously can’t run American anything.

This has become a common tactic in the current White House administration.  If they disagree with your policy proposals, then bully the dissenters around.

Along with all of the other proposed laws and regulations Obama’s gang is throwing at the public, there is proposed financial regulations that would, amongst other things, give the federal reserve bank more power and control over financial markets.  Federal regulators have not responded at a pace acceptable to Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.  So, Tim Geithner approaches the issue with the discretion I’d expect from any corrupt administration.  As reported by Reuters, he cussed them out.

According to the newspaper, Friday’s roughly hour-long meeting was unusual because of Geithner’s repeated obscenities and his aggressive posture toward regulators generally deemed independent of the White House.

The newspaper said Geithner told attendees that the administration and Congress set policy. It also said the Treasury Secretary, without singling out officials, raised concerns about regulators who have questioned the wisdom of giving the Fed more power.

It’s amazing how simplistic the fundamental basics of banking can be understood in this 47-min. animated video, Money as Debt, by Paul Grignon.   Most American citizens cannot even define fractional reserve lending.  This video should be a requirement for school graduation at all levels.  In fact, anyone who is concerned for the freedom, liberty, and sovereignty of America should view this and realize the banking scam of America is not that complicated after all.  Enjoy and pass it along.

Congressman Alan Grayson, (D) Florida, got the chance today to quiz Ben Bernanke about the Fed’s current lending program to foreign central banks during America’s economic crisis. I like to watch the Federal Reserve Bank personnel squirm in their chairs when testifying in Congress. Unfortunately, Bernanke evades answers like a pro. It’s a required skill you must have to work at he Fed. You notice Barney Frank is quick to shut that questioning down as soon as “the gentleman’s time has expired”.

At least someone in the media is talking about how our corrupt federal government is in bed with Goldman Sachs.  Too bad the lamestream media won’t talk about it.  I guess they would never expose a partner in crime.