The Senate’s version of the Health Care bill has passed the Senate Health Committee along party lines. At the urging of Obama, the committee has locked out all conservative alternatives and amendments, in a partisan effort to ram yet another 1 trillion dollar debacle down the throats of the American taxpayer.

Senior GOP committee member Mike Enzi said, in regards to the bill..

“The president said: Everyone would be covered – If you like what you have, you can keep it – We needed to drive down the cost of health care and it should be paid for. That bill gets an F.  It does not cover any of those things.”

Enzi went on to say..

“It’s a tragedy because it .. affects every single American. It’s the most comprehensive thing we’ve ever addressed in the United States senate. It’s important that we get it right. That bill got it wrong!”

Judd Gregg (R) suggests the bill will cost over 1 trillion dollars and goes on to say…

“Not only will people lose their insurance under this plan, they will lose their jobs. According to studies, small business will be massively impacted and a lot of jobs will be lost in America. It is regrettable that we were  not allowed to be at the table when this bill was drafted.”

All of this comes one day after the house passes a 1000+ page, 1.5 trillion dollar heath care bill of their own, passed under the cover and distraction of the Sotomayor SCOTUS confirmation hearings. No one even bothered to read the bill. Although, we all know it contains a hodgepodge of handouts and favors to special interests and lobbyists who pull the strings in Washington.

It’s truly a disgrace and a dereliction of duty, when our so called representatives don’t even bother to read, must less have an informed debate, on such a landmark and costly piece of legislation that will affect the lives of every citizen. Considering they did the exact same thing with the recent climate bill, there is a clear pattern of incompetency developing.

Isn’t it time we demand more from our representatives? We need to hold them accountable for passing this kind of landmark legislation without even as much as reading it. It we continue to allow our representatives to get away with this kind of thing, it will be no one’s fault but our own.

Forced Rights

Scanning the headlines, I see Obama and crew are moving to force everyone to buy healthcare insurance, OR ELSE. But they are calling it a Right.

Check me if I’m wrong but isn’t a Right suppose to be something you exercise on your own? You have the Right to Free Speech, or not. You have the Right to Bear Arms, or not. but now we have the Right to Health Care, or Else.

We truly are doomed.