No matter what Congressional Conservatives propose on budget cuts, it will continue to be portrayed by the Progressives/Socialists (media, think tanks, Intelligentsia, unions, etc..) as an attack on Americans. However, there are two groups that will always fights any budget cuts: The Progressives/Socialists and the big government statists, which many times seem to be one in the same.

The Progressives/Socialists want government to have full control of all commerce with government providing all jobs. Therefore government must perpetually grow. So they portray any cuts as an assault on the usual: children, environment, poor people, minorities, American Dream, ad nauseam. Of course, the other problem with trying to effect budget cuts is that everybody claims they want to initiate fiscal responsibility as long as their slice of pie is left alone. At this rate, our Federal Government will have to declare bankruptcy in order for any of these statists to embrace fiscal sanity.

Top that off with the daily assault by the socialist mainstream media (MSM), on anything opposing an onerous, overreaching, and gargantuan Federal Government, that the sheeple of America will happily lap up. At that rate, we will never achieve a limited and affordable government. The only viable solutions proposed by these clowns is to raise taxes on all Americans.

Here’s the lasted propaganda assault by limited-government, free market haters:

Catholics – Draconian Budget Cuts In Funding For Domestic and International Aid To The Poor and Vulnerable

In Order To Deprive People of Vitally Needed Services, Republicans Cut Budget Of Social Security Admin.

Republicans Wants To Take Away Money From IRS, As Democrats Fight For Its Expansion

CFTC and SEC Head Claim Budget Cuts Will Not Allow Them Proper Enforcement Money

Utah Cuts Heat Assistance For Poor Even Through Their Federal Funds Haven’t Been Cut

GOP Budget Cuts Will Starve The Poor

GOP Budget Cuts a Gift To The Rich

GOP Budget Cuts Target Sesame Street

GOP Budget Cuts Target Children’s After School Programs

Black Caucus Members Claim GOP Budget Cuts Targets Black Americans

Economist Claim GOP Budget Cuts Will Cost Elimination Of 700,000 Jobs

Marxist Rev. Jim Wallis New Campaign: What Would Jesus Cut? LOL GOP Budget Cuts Are a Stab In America’s Back

National Treasury Employees Union Claim Budget Cuts Are An Attack on Federal Workers and Poor

GOP Budget Cuts Target Everything They Hate: Children, Labor unions, NPR, Poor People, and Environment

GOP Budget Cuts Right Attacked Unions, ACORN and Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump with CNN on Possible Presidential Run

As reported from, Bloomberg to address House GOP

The mayor, a Republican-turned-Independent who is considered a presidential contender, will speak at the weekly House GOP Theme Team meeting on Thursday morning.

I think the Progressive Caucus is better suited for this clown. This guy loves conservatism so much that he changed the law to run a 3rd term so he could preserve the cesspool of politics that NYC is so famous for. As the article continues, it notes:

-he hosted a fundraiser for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)
-been critical of the Tea Party movement..and…called the Tea Party movement a “fad”
-endorsed Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) over Republican Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania
-supported Sen. Michael Bennet over Republican Ken Buck, a Tea Party favorite

Presidential hopeful? He would represent the Obama administration on steroids. This progressive, Constitution-hating gun-grabber is coming to talk to the GOP at a Theme Team meeting. What’s the theme`-keep dividing Americans and we win”. The only usefullness this can serve is to note the turncoat GOP members that attend. They will be good targets for replacements.




Thanks GOP!