There is plenty of research material available on Mitt Romney regarding his political positions. Some of the GOP Presidential nominees, political pundits, and the GOP establishment decry the use of this research if it comes from objectionable sources. That’s a straw man argument originated to squelch any criticism based on DNC’s or Democrat political groups’ findings. I’ve heard Newt Gingrich try to use the same argument against Ron Paul and accused him of being associated with George Soros. Newsflash -Ron Paul is not a Soros tool and some of the most damning research on politicians is conducted by their opposition. So, according to the establishment, any damning factual evidence that’s non-GOP based and used against a GOP presidential candidate is totally false and irrelevant. Besides that, it gets you labeled an enemy of the GOP. That argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny and any of the Presidential candidates that demonize presenters of negative truths are afraid to run on their record.

Below are four opposition papers, including McCain’s 200-page research paper, on Mitt Romney, from a variety of sources. As is the case with any research, always scrutinize for accuracy. The bottom-line here is that there should be no bounds in researching a political candidate as long as the research revealed is based on facts. Sorry Mitt.

The Romney Book



DNC 2007 Romney report

Here’s a nice best of compilation of Mitt Romney’s greatest flips and flops brought to you by The Campaign To Defeat Obama.

Following the video are the lyrics of Mitt Romney’s theme song, inspired by Paul Simon’s “Slip Sliding Away”.

Flip Flopping Away

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

Whoah and I know a man, he came from liberal town
He wore his sponsors on his shirt like a purchased man
He said supporters, I live in fear
My lies are so overpowering, I’m afraid that I will disappear

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

I know that man, (who) begot some strife
These are the very words he uses to describe his life
He said a good day brings lots of pain
He said a bad day is when I tell the truth
And I think of things that should have been

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

And I know this father who had a son
He longed to tell him all the reasons for the flip flopping he’d done
He came a long way just to explain
Why He kissed the feet of his masters
Then he turned around and flip flopped again

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable to the flip flopping man
You workin’ your jobs, and we take your pay
Believe we’re sliding down the highway, when in fact we’re flip flopping away

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

Flip Flopping away, Flip Flopping away
So badly wants the nomination, the more Mitt’s Flip Flopping away

Another election season approaches as the Progressive-minded and biased media prepares to pick the Republican Presidential candidates that voters will ultimately vote for in the 2012 Presidential election. Never in my life have I witnessed a more bizarrely, overt attempt by the Progressive-owned and operated media to pick the Republican Presidential nominee that will, at a minimum if triumphant over President Obama, keep tracking America along Obamunism’s Socialist road to hell or preferably, choose a candidate so aligned with Obamunism that lazy voters will just stay the course with Obamunism.

Frankly, regardless of the motivation or actions by the media to influence the outcome of the Republican Presidential nomination, why in the world is the media, including Fox News, still revered as an honest steward of truthful, unbiased news coverage considering the self-serving propaganda they serve up on an hourly basis. The media knows what most people don’t want to or just fail to recognize – most people are sheeple looking for the easiest access to instant gratification with the least resistance that will require no intelligent reason or logic and requires little or no accountability, while excepting no blame for anything. In other words in this case, make it as easy as possible for a voter to dismiss all choices as bad, therefore being herded towards the establishment and media pick. Of course, that is Mitt Romney. So no matter what the facts are, Romney will always be their front runner.

Every Republican Presidential nominee, except Romney, has been skewered by all major media outlets. Of course this is being framed to result in the “lesser of evils” fixation come election time. The Neocon/Establishment arm of the media touts electability as key in a nominee, when in fact, they would take Obama if he would change his racing stripes to reflect an (R) beside his name. So, I ask the question, can you please decide for yourself who truly represents the opportunity to embrace American exceptionalism, restore fiscal sanity to our Federal Government, and once again place America at the top of the hill as the shining beacon of hope in a Socialist-ruled world.

Guess what, there is no perfect candidate that can fill all of your heart’s political desires. I always said if you took a few planks from each candidate’s platform, you would be golden. Personally, every Republican candidate has at least one issue I do not agree with.

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If this is as good as we can get for GOP Presidential contenders, there’s no need to run against Obama. Newt likes a government mandated or a bond-posting health care system (which acts as a mandate). As shown in this video clip by CNS News, Newt supports government overseen health care now as much as he did in 1993.

It doesn’t get any better with the choice of neo-Newt’s neo-twin, Mitt Romney, architect of the individual health insurance mandate know as Romney-care.

If this is what we have to keep looking forward to by the Neo-con dominated GOP, then the Corrupter-in-chief, Obama, will cruise to victory in 2012.

So your not able to determine the best prospect for the GOP nomination in the 2012 GOP Presidential primary? As usual, the media doesn’t think so and wants to decide. They may be right unless voters cast aside the sound bite-mentality that is prevalent in America today. So why wouldn’t the media, spokespeople of the DNC and RNC, predominately owned and operated by far-left socialists and big-government, hawkish military Neo-cons, take advantage of it.

The left-wing media wants to see someone who will wear a GOP label while pushing for Obama-like unchecked Federal Government expansion or someone with a tattered political and personal background, whose name invokes the memory of GOP promises gone bad. The right-wing media wants someone who will continue big-spending, especially if it’s military in nature or someone who will help marginalize the Tea Party members. In other words, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

Romney will continue the Obama freedom-killing legacy of Progressivism and the media can try to instil in voters that no discernible difference exists between Obama and his GOP opponent. On the other hand, there’s very little loss to Democrats if the Presidential winner is a socialist health care-loving Republican progressive. Besides that, The left and right know that a Romney nomination will cause a huge rift between the Tea Party and GOP establishment, resulting in an easy win for Obama.

Gingrich is a has-been Congressman whose “Contract With America” still finds its way into political discussions about GOP failure. He was your classic well entrenched, big-spending, big-government politicians selling a big lie. The nomination of Gingrich will also set the table for a Tea Party split from the GOP establishment and provide an easy win for Obama.

Here’s the latest weekly deluge of stories by the left and right media (predominately left) explaining why you should support their preferences.
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If you didn’t happen to catch the straw poll announcement at CPAC, you missed an odd occurrence. When Ron Paul was announced as the winner, we heard a smattering of applause and cheers that were quickly drowned out by loud boos, but when 2nd place Mitt Romney’s name was announced, the crowd cheered loudly. Go figure.. The breakdown of the vote is as follows…

  • Paul 31%
  • Romney 22%
  • Palin 7%
  • Pawlenty 6%
  • Pence 5%
  • Huckabee 4%
  • Gingrich 4%

I know that in the past, CPAC was dominated by the GOP establishment types, but why do so many of them hate Ron Paul? I don’t get it. I don’t always agree with Paul on Foreign policy issues, but why do so many neocons label him a kook? The press and blogs, on both the left and the right, including Fox News, are complicit in propagating the notion Paul is somehow out of touch. I don’t think he’s a kook. I think he’s right on about 90% of the issues.

There were more boos in the crowd when Paul’s name was announced -vs- cheers when Romney’s name was announced. Yet, 31% of the voters in the poll supported Paul. There is a definite disconnect here and a clear split that is hard to explain.

I’m not saying that I would support Paul for president but do I prefer him over Romney. Romney is just another progressive GOP establishment puppet and he’s about the last person I’d support for president.

Romney is just another Obama style politician, who will say or do anything to get elected. He’s the same progressive who brought a failed universal heath care “mandate” to Massachusetts. He dramatically raised government “fees” to pay for all the spending, while claiming he didn’t raise taxes (fees -vs- taxes). Doesn’t that sound like the same old BS we see all the time from our politicians?

I don’t see how putting the same establishment politicians back in office is going to change anything. Is Romney kind of person real conservatives and those in Tea Party movement can get behind? I hope not.