"Big Stick" Rick Wants An ISP Beat-down

As a resident of Upstate South Carolina, being from Charleston, I took personal offense to Obama’s big government thugs putting the beat-down on South Carolinians and Boeing. If you liked this kind overreaching government action, then you should love Rick Santorum.

This new overreach from the SOPA legislation, sponsored by Congressman Lamar Smith, hit a big nerve that should really bother Americans. Most people seem to overlook this crucial fact:


That’s exactly one of the major problems in America. Our country is run by and on behalf of Corporations. And yes, America is an Oligarchy.

Rick Santorum, in the following video, displays the biggest reason he not qualified to even politically represent any constituent. “Big Stick” Rick approves the government beat-down on ISP’s if the entertainment industry insists. You and I get to pick up the tab. I guess Mr. “Big Stick” Rick could join in on the beat-downs.

Bottom-line: If the entertainment industry wants to prevent or prosecute piracy, that’s fine. There are many legal remedies to address that issue, so they should seek them. Just keep your hands out of my pocket and finance your own folly. “Big Stick Rick thinks American Taxpayers should foot the bill.

Rather than duplicating the research well carried out by concerned Americans, I found a kind of “best of the dirt on Rick Santorum” from Nolan Chart. They deserve kudos for their thorough vetting of this big government, Washington-insider, influence-peddling, legislate-your-bedroom”, Tea Party-bashing candidate. I will highlight Nolan Chart’s main points here, but encourage you to read the entire article and then go verify for yourself.

The Real Dirt on Slick Rick Santorum

  • lawyer-turned-politician-turned-lobbyist
  • involved in a scandal later known as the “K Street Project”.  Lobbying firms were pressured to hire high ranking Republican lawmakers and to grant GOP lobbyists with access to influential decision makers.  Led by Congressman Tom Delay, now a convicted felon, the Project had associations with lobbyists including Jack Abramoff.  Santorum played the role of Senate liaison to the K Street Project.
  • voted to spend taxpayer money to help underprivileged children in third world countries, to pay off debts owed to the US by other nations and to combat political instability in Sudan.  He voted to increase welfare programs such as Healthy Start.
  •  a Santorum-created charitable foundation, Operation Good Neighbor Foundation, had actually raised over a million dollars while half million dollars was paid out to as salaries and consulting fees to lobbyists and fundraisers connected to Santorum’s campaign.  Only 36% of the money raised by the foundation actually made it to those it was designed to help.
  • political action committee formed by Santorum.  It was supposed to be raising money to help fellow Republican candidates.  However, only 18% of the funds went to those candidates.  Much of the remaining money was used to enhance Santorum’s lifestyle.
  • voted five times to raise the debt ceiling
  • strongly supported the large hike in welfare entitlement spending with Medicaid Part D.
  • retail giant Wal-Mart lined Santorum’s pockets with campaign cash, in return, Wal-Mart received votes in-kind from Santorum on issues relating to overtime, minimum wages, tort reform, charitable giving credits, etc.
  • strongly supported legislation that doubled the size of the Dept. of Education including the introduction of Ted Kennedy’s infamous “No Child Left Behind”.
  • in 2002, Santorum wrote in a Washington Times article, “intelligent design is a legitimate scientific theory that should be taught in science classes.”  However, in 2005 Santorum said on National Public Radio, “I’m not comfortable with intelligent design being taught in the science classroom.”
  • Santorum is on record many times explaining that what happens in an individual’s bedroom is the business of the entire community and that private, consensual sex should be a matter of government regulation. His position is that no such right exists under the Constitution.   He said, “…this right to privacy doesn’t exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution.”
  • supports the prohibition of contraception
  • strong supporter of the neoconservative “War on Terror.”  He proposed sanctions for Syria.  In 2005, Santorum sponsored a bill aimed at overthrowing the government of Iran, called the Iran Freedom and Support Act
  • announced that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq
  • a quarter of a million dollars in money was  raised for him by the executives of Outback Steakhouse.  Oddly enough, Santorum strongly agreed with Outback execs that the federal minimum wage should not be increased.  The Senator returned home on a Wal-Mart corporate jet.
  • endorse his liberal Republican colleague, Arlen Specter, over social and fiscal conservative Congressman Pat Toomey in a senate race
  • joined a Washington DC “think tank”, earning a quarter of a million dollars

One has to question whether Santorum was ever a serious candidate? I contend he’s playing guard for Team RNC to block for Romney until we get to the winner-take-all primary states. I don’t think this guy can make it past SC. It all depends how many fall for his misleading rhetoric.

Its almost comical to see the Neo-Cons turning up the propaganda machine in an effort to dissuade voters from supporting Ron Paul. In fact, every one of these articles are full of disingenuous and inaccurate comments and information – I mean propaganda.

Well, the good news is that are more positive stories on Ron Paul than I can ever remember.  More on that later. In the meantime, read some of the following stories and get a good laugh.

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Even If Ron Paul Wins All the

Unfortunately, for those who are perpetual defenders of American freedom and liberty, tired of having big-government statist Republican Presidential candidate shoved down their throats, it’s sickening that the only true freedom-oriented candidate keeps getting shunned and described as fringe and unelectable candidate. No matter how well Ron Paul polls leading up to state’s primaries, he’s summarily dismissed. In fact, he’s polling a strong second in some states and increasingly gaining favor in other state’s polling. Yet, he still dismissed. So no matter where he shows up in the polls, it’s still a race between the Neo-con American-freedom and liberty haters.

So, I culled a representative sample of media stories that have done exactly what I’ve described, ignore and dismiss Dr. Paul. The continuation of this blatant collusion is waking up many Americans to the fact that there is a force in America drowning out their calls to end America’s gargantuan and over reaching Federal Government. Here’s the latest weekly installment of “let’s collectively ignore Ron Paul” stories.

Tell us what you think of Ron Paul’s maltreatment during this primary season.

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No Arnie, you will go nowhere else in politics. How did a man, obviously a raging Progressive, become a Governor representing the Republican party. I guess this actor didn’t work out too good for the (R) party unless you’re a necon. Oh, I forgot the Republicans are controlled by the Neoconservatves.

So, his interview in a nutshell: the Tea Parties won’t go anywhere, the Republicans are the party of no, and Obama needs to keep ramming his agenda up America’s rear because it will eventually get through.

Tea Parties will especially thrive as long as we continue having Progressive Posers claiming they represent conservatism in this country. This clown can’t even speak English correctly. Hell, foreigner Hugo Chavez speaks better English than fellow comrade Schwarzenegger does.