Unfortunately, this next Presidential election boils down to one primary concern. Who will appoint the next two justices to the Supreme Court of The United States. All the Supreme Court justices currently sitting on the bench engage in some form of political activism. However, it seems the Progressive faction has a certain penchant for advocating more extreme lurches. Four more years of Barack Obama will ensure the replacement of Kennedy and Ginsburg with Kagan/Sotomayer hard-core, borderline Marxist, clones.

For all who care to defeat this ultra-Progressive, Marxist stranglehold put in place to bring America to her knees, we need to unite and vote for the Presidential candidate who will appoint non-Progressive Supreme Court justices to pull us from the clutches of Marxism. I’d vote for a stump to unseat Obama at this point, and I don’t think the GOP will put up more than stump to run against him. Whoever, the stump is, let us support him and sanitize the Marxist infected halls of the White House. We can concentrate on Removing that GOP stump in 2016 and planting a new Tree of Liberty.

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Circulating on the Internet is a detailed point by point list of President Obama’s record. Relatively speaking, it’s the short list. However it hits the highlights of the damage he’s inflicted on America’s constitutional republic. While most of us have discussed all of these items over the past 3 1’2 years, it’s certainly beneficial to see them laid out in a manner such as this. Until an author comes forth to claim this work, we’ll just credit it as anonymous. Enjoy!

WHEN – he refused to disclose who donated money to his election
campaign, as other candidates had done, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he received endorsements from people like Louis Farrakhan,
Muramar Kaddafi and Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – it was pointed out that he was a total newcomer and had
absolutely no experience at anything except community organizing, people
said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he chose friends and acquaintances such as Bill Ayers and
Bernadine Dohrn who were revolutionary radicals, people said it didn’t

WHEN – his voting record in the Illinois Senate and in the U.S. Senate
came into question, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he refused to wear a flag lapel pin and did so only after a
public outcry, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – people started treating him as a Messiah and children in schools
were taught to sing his praises, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he stood with his hands over his groin area for the playing of
the National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance, people said it didn’t

WHEN – he surrounded himself in the White House with advisors who were
pro-gun control, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual marriage and wanting to
curtail freedom of speech to silence the opposition, people said it
didn’t matter.

WHEN – he said he favors sex education in kindergarten, including
homosexual indoctrination, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – his personal background was either scrubbed or hidden and nothing
could be found about him, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – the place of his birth was called into question, and he refused
to produce a birth certificate, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he had an association in Chicago with Tony Rezco – a man of
questionable character and who is now in prison and had helped Obama to
a sweet deal on the purchase of his home – people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – it became known that George Soros, a multi-billionaire Marxist,
spent a ton of money to get him elected, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he started appointing White House Czars that were radicals,
revolutionaries, and even avowed Marxist /Communists, people said it
didn’t matter.

WHEN – he stood before the Nation and told us that his intentions were
to “fundamentally transform this Nation” into something else, people
said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – it became known that he had trained ACORN workers in Chicago and
served as an attorney for ACORN, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed cabinet members and several advisors who were tax
cheats and socialists, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed a Science Czar, John Holdren, who believes in forced
abortions, mass sterilizations and seizing babies from teen mothers,
people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed Cass Sunstein as Regulatory Czar who believes in
“Explicit Consent,” harvesting human organs without family consent and
allowing animals to be represented in court, while banning all hunting,
people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed Kevin Jennings, a homosexual and organizer of a
group called Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network as Safe School
Czar and it became known that he had a history of bad advice to
teenagers, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed Mark Lloyd as Diversity Czar who believes in
curtailing free speech, taking from one and giving to another to spread
the wealth, who supports Hugo Chavez, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – Valerie Jarrett, an avowed Socialist, was selected as Obama’s
Senior White House Advisor, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, said Mao Tse
Tung was her favorite philosopher and the person she turned to most for
inspiration, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed Carol Browner, a well known socialist as Global
Warming Czar working on Cap and Trade as the nation’s largest tax,
people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he appointed Van Jones, an ex-con and avowed Communist as Green
Energy Czar, who since had to resign when this was made known, people
said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick for Health and Human Services Secretary
could not be confirmed because he was a tax cheat, people said it didn’t

WHEN – as President of the United States , he bowed to the King of Saudi
Arabia , people said it didn’t matter..

WHEN – he traveled around the world criticizing America and never once
talking of her greatness, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – his actions concerning the Middle East seemed to support the
Palestinians over Israel , our long time ally, people said it didn’t

WHEN – he took American tax dollars to resettle thousands of
Palestinians from Gaza to the United States , people said it didn’t

WHEN – he upset the Europeans by removing plans for a missile defense
system against the Russians, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he played politics in Afghanistan by not sending troops early-on
when the Field Commanders said they were necessary to win, people said
it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he started spending us into a debt that was so big we could not
pay it off, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he took a huge spending bill under the guise of stimulus and used
it to pay off organizations, unions, and individuals that got him
elected, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he took over insurance companies, car companies, banks, etc.,
people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he took away student loans from the banks and put it through the
government, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he designed plans to take over the health care system and put it
under government control, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he claimed he was a Christian during the election and tapes were
later made public that showed Obama speaking to a Muslim group and
‘stating’ that he was raised a Muslim, was educated as a Muslim, and is
still a Muslim, people said it didn’t matter.

WHEN – he set into motion a plan to take over the control of all energy
in the United States through Cap and Trade, people said it didn’t

WHEN – he finally completed his transformation of America into a
Socialist State , people woke up— but it was too late. Add these up
one by one and you get a phenomenal score that points to the fact that
Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a
Marxist-Socialist society.

All of the items in the preceding paragraphs have been put into place.
All can be documented very easily. Before you disavow this do an
Internet search. The last paragraph alone is not yet cast in stone. You
and I will write that paragraph.

Will it read as above or will it be a more happy ending for most of
America ?

Don’t just belittle the opposition. Search for the truth. We all need to
pull together or watch the demise of a free democratic society. Pray for
Americans to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE.
Our biggest enemy is not China , Russia , North Korea or Iran . Our
biggest enemy is the contingent of politicians in Washington , DC . The
government will not help, so we need to do it ourselves.

WHEN – November 2012 comes, it will matter who you vote for!

“When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from
men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who
deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more
easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against
them, but protect them against you; you may know that your society is
doomed.” Ayn Rand

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While I watched, in amusement, the “useful idiots” at the OWS extremism events, mixed feelings are conjured up as the few valid complaints made by opponents of crony capitalism are drowned out by the many supporters advocating the gradual transformation of America into a Socialist state and then into a Communist one.

Why would you not know the crux of the OWS demands are that capitalism and our private free enterprise become outlawed in order for it to be run by the state, e.g. government. Yes, the same governments that currently find themselves unable to responsibly operate anything due to the multiple layers of inefficient bureaucrats put in place by Communist/Socialist controlled public-sector unions. In other words, by the perpetually fraudulent, corrupt, and ever expanding unelected political class.

I absolutely support ending crony capitalism, the revolving door politics dominated by lobbyist and former elected and unelected government officials, the economically stifling Federal Reserve Banking system, and the oppressive U.S. tax code. I also support campaign finance reform and changing the status of corporate person hood (corporations are not people). These are lofty and righteous goals that every American-loving U.S. citizen should support. There is a myriad of other problems that America must tackle, but this war begins with ending the corruption and abuse enjoyed by the incestuous marriage between the corporate world and  the political class. The relationship established to circumvent the voice and will of Americans.

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If you’ve been a visitor to thelibertjournal.com before, it’s obvious I rail on worker unions regularly; both public and private. Well, you pay the wages of our federal government employees, who in turn use your tax dollars to pay dues to worker unions who, in compliance with current federal policy (and other Administration’s policies), advocate for protected and interminable jobs accommodated with bloated taxpayer-supported salaries and benefits, while using taxpayer-supported union dues to contribute to the political candidates who will ultimately be paid a taxpayer-supported salary for passing legislation to keep increasing the size and cost of our taxpayer-supported limited government, while the taxpayer-funded unions continue growing its rank and file in order to ignore the will of their real boss – the American taxpayer.

One of the unions representing SSA, NASA, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), DOE, DOJ, and many agencies within our Federal Government is the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE) in which I’ll quote from their website:

Building Political Influence Through Contract Language

…public employees can elect who their boss is…Through political action, public employees can help elect candidates who share their interests. These elected officials set policy and establish laws that directly affect public employees’ working terms and conditions…Attempts to gain political influence can take many forms—endorsing candidates, campaigning, advertising, voting, contributing funds or lobbying…bargaining language in the contract. Members could potentially negotiate language that will afford them the opportunity to participate in and support political activities.

The proliferation of unionization within our Federal Government is intensifying at a time of national fiscal and moral crisis. The rush to grow the union’s rank and file at the expense of our tax dollars is a fraud perpetuated against America.

IFPTE is a member of UNI.

IFPTE also belongs to the Union Network International (UNI) which is a worldwide organization of 800 labor unions dedicated to advancing the skills and services of its members in the new global economy.

By the way, UNI is holding rallies around the world in support of Egyptian social justice and economic reforms.

UNI affiliates along with their national trade union centres continue to hold demonstrations and actions throughout this week in support of Egyptian workers.

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Barak Obama, the epitome of progressivism, wants the donkey bray to go away-for now. Any claim of a political ideology shift is disingenuous at best. So what is the motivation behind appointing another Wall Street “fat cat” to his staff?

  • Returning a favor to Wall Street for helping him finance his presidential run?
  • Returning a favor to Richard Daley for somehow managing to ensure Rahm Emanuel will become Chicago’s next mayor?
  • Currying favor with the elitist Republicans who afford Wall Street full access to our political system, that by the way, you and I do not have?
  • Just throwing more crap against the wall to see what sticks?
  • Really doesn’t have a clue and is just following orders?
  • Trying to trick the Neo-conservatives into thinking he’s become pro business so they will support his 2012 re-election bid?
  • Trying to trick the independent, right-leaning voters into thinking that he’s fully supportive of the free markets as to garner their suppoprt for his 2012 re-election bid?
  • Wants to encourage an increase in financial campaign support from the investment/banking industries for 2012?
  • Win the backing of the US Chamber of Commerce, who has been a thorn in side since he took office?
  • Knowing that his rabid progressive base, that makes up approximately 20% of the electorate, won’t abandon him no matter what political decisions he makes? Listen to all the criticism coming from his Wall-Street-hating supporters. – Progressive’s Criticism of Daley Pick
  • His decision is disingenuous, at best, and he knows that a gullible electorate may come to view him as a centrist in his run-up to 2012?

So which one(s) do you choose? I choose all of the above. Whoever runs this political puppet show in Washington knows that Obama has tanked and Americans put up an unavoidable red light in the 2010 mid-terms to bring his screaming progressive train to a screeching halt.

The donkey only muted his bray so the American electorate will, hopefully for him, forget the progressive track has run out as they approach the edge of the cliff that America is about to be thrust over. Progressives are apparently still selling tickets for that train ride and they know it’s a ruse that may cause some short-term discomfort in their battle to turn America into another European-style socialist nightmare.

So with the Daley appointment, this is what you got:

  • A staunch opponent of any effective financial reforms of the banking/financial industry
  • Banking lobbyist
  • Another re-cycled wealthy Clintonite elitist
  • Major player in getting NAFTA passed – remember the flushing sound of American jobs
  • Key executive of a Wall Street firm that received your taxpayer dollars in the bail-out
  • Chicago-based politico who will obvious continue the Obama tradition of injecting Chicago-style thugocracy into Washington politics
  • Further morphing our Federal Government into Corporatism
  • A staunch supporter of Dr. Global Warming, Mr. Internet, Al Gore.

No matter how hard these Progressive/Socialist try, they’re not getting the cat back in the bag. In fact, this is a great opportunity to further identify those, fraudulently professing conservatism, who are playing this game with Obama, thinking that everyone will embrace this fake centrist head-fake.

The people have caught on to the game and the result would be no different then if you had appointed Andy Stern as Chief of Staff and Reverend Wright as Whitehouse spokesman. Fortunately, the majority of Americans will stand at the edge of the proverbial cliff, let the American people off the train, and then let you and your minions continue over that cliff alone. We appreciate your handlers making it much easier to throw you and your progressive dolts out of the “Peoples House” come November 2012. Cya.