It’s laughable and sad to see what effort the GOP establishment will undertake to make sure their anointed candidate(s) will be elected to run for President. The GOP can’t even manage to cheat voters without getting caught. Whether it’s in Iowa, Nevada, or Maine, at least the GOP is consistent; consistently corrupt.

The fact is the GOP establishment supports a liberty-taking, statist, big-government agenda. The Neo-Conservative stranglehold on the GOP, with their fiscal insanity agenda, will drive the Republican party over a cliff as they seek to start a new
“WAR ON ___________”(FILL IN THE BLANK).

As a registered Republican, I will not support the GOP establishment that is hell bent on demonizing anyone or anything that stands for or stands up for individual liberty and freedom and small government. Whether Ron Paul or any other liberty-minded candidate, their actions should be condemned as they shove unelectable candidates down our throats.

So, even though Maine was primarily a straw vote GOP event held last Saturday, the shenanigans conducted by Maine’s GOP showed that “they just make the rules up as they go”. Counties which caucused a week before the actual caucus didn’t have their votes counted. Of course, there’s the Washington county cancellation where vote numbers will not be calculated in the vote totals. Then there are precincts that verified their totals with GOP headquarters,  only to find the number off substantially. And yes, the candidate effected the most was Ron Paul.

So, as the light slowly shines on this election corruption, and as the actual vote totals trickle in, it will probably be revealed that Paul actually won the caucus.  Here is a video called “Reality Check” from a Maine TV station revealing how much effort the GOP put forth to make sure Romney was the winner of the caucus. Is this what you support? No matter what candidate you voted for, how would you feel about your vote not being counted? Not very good I say. Goodbye GOP!

The attack reporting that AP initited immediately prior to the polls opening in the South Carolina Primary election Saturday morning is exactly why the media cannot be trusted to tell the truth. It also shows their extreme bias towards a non-establishment candidate. That”s another reason voters should seriously consider voting for Dr. Ron Paul. He’s against everything wrong with America and the elite media is wrong for America also.

I wouldn’t have even bothered writing this, but the blantant misrepresentation of Ron Paul, today, by the elistist media pushed me to speak my peace. Here’s the big headline that AP has sent to all it’s member affiliates to run.


Say what? Apparently since Ron Paul went back to Congress to do his job and vote on serious legislation, he dismisses South Carolina voters?

First, he cast a vote against the “for profit” corporation-authored bill SOPA/PIPA, that would have the Federal Government provide and pay for the police enforcement on behalf of “for-profit corporations. It’s called growing government and I can’t imagine any voter being opposed to that.

Second, he introduced legislation to strip the “indefinite detention of American citizens” out of the NDAA bill. I can’t imagine any voter being oppsed to that.

If Ron Paul wasn’t active in the state, why did he manage to make four stop in four separate cities on Friday, including my city of Greenville, SC. See here! Thanks for caring about the folks here in SC Dr. Paul.

If you don’t believe the media running this story before the vote wasn’t intended to upset SC primary voters, why is this story running on nearly every AP affiliated site on the Internet this morning.  I stopped counting after (30). Just go to Google News and type in “Ron Paul Looks Past SC”. Don’t buy the propaganda and go support Ron Paul.









There is plenty of research material available on Mitt Romney regarding his political positions. Some of the GOP Presidential nominees, political pundits, and the GOP establishment decry the use of this research if it comes from objectionable sources. That’s a straw man argument originated to squelch any criticism based on DNC’s or Democrat political groups’ findings. I’ve heard Newt Gingrich try to use the same argument against Ron Paul and accused him of being associated with George Soros. Newsflash -Ron Paul is not a Soros tool and some of the most damning research on politicians is conducted by their opposition. So, according to the establishment, any damning factual evidence that’s non-GOP based and used against a GOP presidential candidate is totally false and irrelevant. Besides that, it gets you labeled an enemy of the GOP. That argument doesn’t hold up to scrutiny and any of the Presidential candidates that demonize presenters of negative truths are afraid to run on their record.

Below are four opposition papers, including McCain’s 200-page research paper, on Mitt Romney, from a variety of sources. As is the case with any research, always scrutinize for accuracy. The bottom-line here is that there should be no bounds in researching a political candidate as long as the research revealed is based on facts. Sorry Mitt.

The Romney Book



DNC 2007 Romney report

Americans don’t heed warnings of a failing America because political leaders in America don’t lead, much less tell the truth or represent constituents. I want someone who knows history, the constitution, and true economics. Oh, and someone who is not afraid to tell it like it is. This is exactly what Congressman Ron Paul did ten years ago on the House floor. It’s ashamed that so many people demonize those who warn against failed government’s endless spending and freedom-killing legislation. Enjoy the video of Ron Paul’s predictions 10 years, that have all come to fruition.

Hypocrite Indeed!

I just thought some of the folks, claiming to be small-government advocates that support reduced Federal Government spending, should be criticized for supporting the Republican Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum. This guy came out in public opposing the Tea Party influence on our Federal Government. Why the opposition? Because like most of the Republican candidates, the media, Corporate Amerika, and the DC Establishment, they oppose anything that goes against the statist quo of growing the size of government. If you support Santorum, you support the the corrupt DC machine and the corrupt policies they pursue.

While this video is not new, those claiming Tea Party ideals while supporting this clown need to be bashed over the head repeatedly with this video until the message is clear –
Santorum is another “establishment candidate” that now wants to be your friend and will say anything to get you support.

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