You thought Americans would be about done supporting activity antithetical to America’s existence as a free country. It appears people will continue to support those who prefer government-controlled everything versus free enterprise and freedom. This past week was presented with much news that is just plain bizarre. If Americans continue to hold their taxpayer-funded elected officials and government employees harmless for not putting America first, then, yes, we deserve what we get. Unfortunately, for those of us who choose to fight, we’re obviously surrounded by the “walking dead” who refuse to be responsible enough to stand up for America and her exceptionalism. Please wake up your neighbors from their slumber and encourage them to stand up and fight against those who prefer America be to be transformed into another “failed European social experiment”.

Just remember, the (D) and (R) game is no different than that fake “wrastling” match on TV, where the winners and losers are decided ahead of time. Then after the show, they all go have drinks together and laugh at how stupid and gullible Americans are, while planning tomorrows’ theatrics.

For the few of us that really care about America’s survival, it’s time to find who the directors of this fiction theater are and take them out.



House Passes CISPA Against Wishes Of Americans, Puts Taxpayers On The Hook For Corporate Enforcement Gift

TSA Accuses 4-yr Old of Being A Gun-Toting Terrorist

Refuse A Job For Any Reason To Tran-sexual Deviants and You Will Be Sued

Obama Says Romney Too Conservative For America

Federal Government Tells Family Farm Owners Kids Can’t Work On Farms

Will More Chinese Firms Get Hwy Construction Contracts When U.S. Government Passes New Transportation Bill

War Mongering Neo-Con Rubio Says Military Action In Iran and Syria Preferred and Says AZ Immigration Laws No Suitable For Other States

Mexican President Felipe Calderon Says U.S Immigration Laws Unfair and Should Not Criminalize Illegal Aliens Because They Are Not Lawbreakers

TPM Propaganda Wrongly Accuses Justice Scalia of Equating Illegal Aliens To Bank Robbers

Illegal Aliens Arrested on MI Jobsite After Calling 911 For A Ride Home

Taxed Employees At Herb Grower Pissed That Re-hired Illegal Aliens Paid Cash Under The Table – Blows The Whistle On Law Breaking Employers

Obama Concentrating Campaign Efforts In Large College Populated States Pushing Student Loan Interest Decrease – Illegally On Taxpayers’ Dime

Northwest Border Patrol Agency Faces American-Hating ACLU Lawsuit For Puling Over Blacks and Hispanics

Oregon Governor Claims U.S. Coal Export Increase Will Export Global Warming To China nd Has To Be Curbed

ACLU Lawyer, Friedman, Who Succeeded In Case To Remove Ten Commandments From KY Courthouses Disbarred For Stealing Clients’ Money (Taxpayers-funded Settlements)

Schumer Says If SCOTUS Upholds AZ Immigration Law, He Will Introduce Unconstitutional Law To Prohibit States From Enforcing Immigration Laws

In case you missed it, musician, Ted Nugent, woke the crowd up at a recent NRA convention with a fiery speech regarding Obama the Constitution hater and the permanent damage a 2nd term Obama would  inflict upon our Supreme Court and American liberty. Enjoy the video!


Unfortunately, this next Presidential election boils down to one primary concern. Who will appoint the next two justices to the Supreme Court of The United States. All the Supreme Court justices currently sitting on the bench engage in some form of political activism. However, it seems the Progressive faction has a certain penchant for advocating more extreme lurches. Four more years of Barack Obama will ensure the replacement of Kennedy and Ginsburg with Kagan/Sotomayer hard-core, borderline Marxist, clones.

For all who care to defeat this ultra-Progressive, Marxist stranglehold put in place to bring America to her knees, we need to unite and vote for the Presidential candidate who will appoint non-Progressive Supreme Court justices to pull us from the clutches of Marxism. I’d vote for a stump to unseat Obama at this point, and I don’t think the GOP will put up more than stump to run against him. Whoever, the stump is, let us support him and sanitize the Marxist infected halls of the White House. We can concentrate on Removing that GOP stump in 2016 and planting a new Tree of Liberty.

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By Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Left-Right Paradigm Is A Hoax

There may have been a time when the words “conservative” and “liberal” meant something, but that time is no more. Today, “conservatives” in government are doing as much to promote Big Government, as are “liberals.” In fact, if one were to honestly evaluate the twelve years of the George Herbert Walker Bush and G.W. Bush administrations, one could say that “conservatives” even eclipse “liberals” in promoting Big Government. Under the two Bushes, the federal government expanded (and even exploded) to levels that for-real liberal Democrats could only dream about.

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Hopefully, this will promote more states’ actions holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal aliens. Here are some stories from this past week regarding the ramifications of the SCOTUS ruling.

The first is a quote from an opinion piece written by AZ lawmaker, Russell Pearce, a key actor in precipitating the SCOTUS case by The US Chamber of Commerce.

Supreme Court Sides With AZ In Use Of Employment Verification Hailed By AZ Lawmaker

By Russell Pearce, guest commentary East Valley Tribune

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed our great state a significant victory. It upheld our 2007 law penalizing businesses for knowingly hiring workers who are here illegally.

No longer will companies be able to ignore the rule of law and hire illegal aliens, shutting out legal Arizona workers. With the highest unemployment in a generation, we must do all we can to get Arizona back to work, and this ruling means those here legally will not have to compete with the illegal crowd. That is great news.

Gov. Haley accuses feds of making it difficult for the state to identify illegal workers

Immigration Measure Approved By South Carolina House

Justices’ Arizona Ruling on Illegal Immigration May Embolden States

Nancy L. Wild: Kudos to Pridemore for immigrant proposalv

Department of Homeland Security Daily Media Update May 27, 2011:

Time for Jersey to catch up with Arizona on immigration

ACLU Files Suit Over Indiana Immigration Laws

TX Illegal Immigration Bills Scrapped Under Pressure From Business Community To Maintain A Steady Flow of Affordable Labor To Highly Influential Industries

Pro-Illegal Immigration Groups Continue Recall Efforts For Legislators Wanting To Crack Down On Illegal immigration

Florida Illegal Immigration Efforts Buckle From Pressure From Influential Big Business

Reforms to target illegals in S.C.

Big Business Up In Arms Over State’s Illegal Immigration Enforcements

Tom Tancredo – The Republican silence on illegal immigration

Rep. Heath Shuler Reintroduces Bi-Partisan SAVE Act



The odd issue with this case rests with the fact that the “big business advocate”, The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce”, doesn’t want business held accountable for hiring illegal aliens. It makes you question  the Chamber’s allegiance to America’s sovereignty. I’m afraid it’s all about the money and illegal immigration is a boon for big business as more legal Americans become unemployed and are unable to find gainful employment.

The system is being gamed by big business  –  through deception, they financially support politicians who promote anti-illegal immigration legislation, while themselves hiring the same illegal aliens these politicians are targeting.


The Chamber of Commerce of the United States and various business and civil rights organizations (collectively Chamber) filed this federal preenforcement suit against those charged with administer-ing the Arizona law, arguing that the state law’s license suspensionand revocation provisions were both expressly and impliedly pre-empted by federal immigration law, and that the mandatory use of E-Verify was impliedly preempted.


Arizona’s requirement that employers use E-Verify is not impliedlypreempted. The IIRIRA provision setting up E-Verify contains no language circumscribing state action. It does, however, constrain federal action: absent a prior violation of federal law, “the Secretaryof Homeland Security may not require any person or . . . entity” out-side the Federal Government “to participate in” E-Verify. IIRIRA, §402(a), (e). The fact that the Federal Government may require the use of E-Verify in only limited circumstances says nothing aboutwhat the States may do. The Government recently argued just thatin another case and approvingly referenced Arizona’s law as an ex-ample of a permissible use of E-Verify when doing so.

Moreover, Arizona’s use of E-Verify does not conflict with the fed-eral scheme. The state law requires no more than that an employer, after hiring an employee, “verify the employment eligibility of theemployee” through E-Verify. Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. §23–214(A). And the consequences of not using E-Verify are the same under the state and federal law—an employer forfeits an otherwise available rebut-table presumption of compliance with the law.