As already noted in the previous blog entries here and here, there are many things which concern conservatives and libertarians regarding Sonia Sotomayor’s previous positions, statements and rulings.

We have heard nothing from the left regarding Sotomayor’s judicial activism and disturbing racist comments. On the contrary, we have only heard about her “compelling life story”, as if that makes any difference in whether she will be a fair and impartial judge. From the perspective of the left, this nomination is about everything but Sotomayer’s ability to be fair and impartial. Instead, focusing on the human interest story of an extremely liberal and controversial judge who has just had one of her race based rulings overturned by SCOTUS.

Sotomayor is a product of affirmative action. Her acceptance into Ivy league schools was not simply based on merit, but based on quotas, so how could she not judge through a racial lens, considering that she has benefited greatly from racial quotas.

Unfortunately, there are not enough votes to block this nomination, or the political will to block it either. As Lindsey Graham noted, with 60 democrats in the senate, her confirmation is a done deal. Even after voicing all of his concerns, Graham is still not committed to opposing Sotomayor’s nomination. This is typical for neocons like Lindsey Graham. Many of whom are simply grandstander’s looking for camera time.

Nonetheless, real conservatives such as Jeff Sessions (R – Alabama) have a duty to expose Sotomayor for the true liberal judical activist I believe her to be. They can, at the least, hold her feet to the fire regarding her past statements and actions, giving the American public the opportunity to see how important it is to choose a president who will make wise nominations to SCOTUS, rather that what we are now seeing with this idealogical and highly politically motivated nomination.

As far as I can see, that is about all the conservatives can gain at this point.