There are 100’s of articles on Nancy Deparle’s revolving door routine from the Federal government health care posts to directorships in the health care industry and back.  Most of the companies she help direct started ramping up their Federal government lobbying efforts in 2006.  The minimal amount of lobbying data, publicly available, indicates their lobbyists got a lot more attention from our elected officials than you or I ever will.  If you saw all the congressional bills and laws these lobbyist hound our elected officials about, you wouldn’t question why Congress never seems to get much done.  Just think, this is merely five companies’ lobby activity.  So why does it seem our country is run by Corporate Amerika.  Well, it is.  Just follow the money.  It makes you wonder if Ms. Deparle was getting paid to show these companies where the money was.  She obviously knows.  Apparently, that investment of over $25 mil., in three years, paid big dividends.

Lobby Efforts By Companies Under Nancy DeParle’s Directorship

Sources Medco Medical Solutions, Medco, Boston Scientific Corp, Davita, Cerner

Want to look at the big bucks in Deparle’s financial disclosure that was submitted when she was named czar?