U.S. taxpayers may be on the hook for as much as $23.7 trillion to bolster the economy and bail out financial companies, said Neil Barofsky, special inspector general for the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Barofsky offered criticism ..saying the department has “repeatedly failed to adopt recommendations” needed to provide transparency and fulfill the administration’s goal to implement TARP “with the highest degree of accountability.”……….. taxpayers don’t know how TARP recipients are using the money or the value of the investments, he said in the report.

Is this the change you wanted?

How will this money be paid back? where will it come from?
Is anyone paying attention???

So figure up how much of that money that you’ll be responsible for paying back and just write a check. This is insanity.

any and all politicians who voted for TARP should be voted out and feel luck they are not tarred and feathered.