Being affiliated with no political party, it’s easy to sit back and watch the clown show put on by the (d) and (r) parties denouncing each other resistance to health care reform.  As I have stated before, this political party paradigm is a tool to keep American citizens fighting among themselves, in order to distract them from both parties agenda – government intrusion into every aspect of your life and government control of everything American with benefits extending to only those corporate entities who pay to keep them in office.

Well, the time honored tradition of publicly demonizing any objectors of your planned legislation continues in full force with the health care reform fiasco.  The true grass-roots movement of the Tea Parties were successful in bringing Americans of all political affiliations together to demonstrate the disgust with both the (d) and (r) parties having no fiscal restraint and being unrepresentative of their constituents.  Well, the DNC and the progressive media spin tactics attributed anything grass-roots as extremist in nature.  They gave no credit to grass roots efforts and instead, accused the entire movement of being planned and promoted by the gop and extremist.  Well, it worked to the extent of scaring the concerned (d) and unaffiliated centrist voters and keeping them from getting involved.

Well now that Americans representing all political ideologies (except the rabid progressives) have shown up at town hall meetings to express concern over health care reform, the dnc, again, is demonizing all that attend these meeting as extremists and plants of the gop.  Unfortunately, now they are demonizing their own supporters, seeing there is much concern by democrats over the future of America’s health care system.  If anyone recalls, when Obama was campaigning for President, he urged all of his supporters to argue and get in the faces of his opponents.  Here it is:

Now that Americas have turned up the heat on Congress to oppose or question Obamacare and have shown up at town hall meetings to show their disapproval, the dnc, again, turns the spin machine on.  They now claim that all objectors showing up at these meeting with politicians are gop plants and are extremists.  The only problem they may have with that strategy is they are demonizing their own.   Here’s the latest dnc media ad denouncing these conscientious objectors.  This is funny.

To put some additional spin on this, CNN managed to jump on this bandwagon demonizing the town hall meeting protesters.

For full effect, of course, the White House, has to have a press conference on these town hall meetings, saying they are staged.

So, regardless if it was Bush or Obama, it’s all the same game.  Keep the masses polarized by demonizing those who disagree with your policies.  In turn, one half stays occupied fighting the other side. They need to realize we have a lot more commonalities than differences.  The big prize here for American is freedom, liberty, and a non-intrusive federal government.  So people, WAKE THE HELL UP, and take America back from power hungry and self serving politicians and their corporate sponsors.