Huh? You are kidding me. So Sanders the communist congressman and MSNBC anchor, Madcow claim there needs to be more progressive media to combat the right-wing radio and news shows.

Let’s see:
ABC and affiliates = progressive

NBC and affilaites = progressive

CBS and affiliates = progressive

PBS and affiliates = progressive

Current TV = progressive

Link TV = progressive

Fox TV and affiliates = conservative

In other words, any media that opposes or does not support the progressive agenda is intolerable and combatted.  There is only one major news broadcast in the U.S. that is not rabid progressive, and that’s FOX.  While I’m not the biggest fan of FOX, sometimes you must view it as to keep from getting buried in a mound of progressive dung.  Apparently, if Madcow and her cronies can’t control 100% of the airwaves, then there’s the opportunity for some ordinary citizens to actually hear the truth, which will turn them into extremists.  We know that’s not acceptable to the progressives.  Solution for them = Have all news and radio broadcast represent only liberal and progressive views. Maybe Obama will go ahead and issue an executive order that mandates a minimum daily requirement of progressive diatribe.