But It's For The Children

Teacher unions and union-represented teachers’ associations control/dominate America’s public school system. You wonder why our public school system is a joke? It’s called socialized schools brought to you by the “defender of worker’s rights”. You know, class struggle and all that.

You can never claim true ownership to your home because you rent it from the government in the form of property taxes. Public school systems in America are largely funded by your property tax dollars. So as the employers of these teachers, why do these taxpayers allow their employees to join unions in order to keep a firewall between their employers?

So here’s what you get for a return on your tax dollars:
Paying union member dues to unions so teachers can strong arm and extort taxpayers.
Paying union dues so unions can lobby elected official to make policy detrimental to you
Paying union member dues to run huge political ad campaigns for politicians who oppose your views.
Having teacher unions sue the taxpayer.
Having unions refuse concessions in times of economic hardships.
Having unions demand more money while school budgets are being cut.
Union strikes.
Current union campaigns for governments to raise property taxes, income taxes, user fees, ad infinitum.

Unions should be banned in all government institutions, especially the public school system. It’s all about the children my ass. It’s about political power and the “class struggle between workers and labor”. Please get these corrupt institution’s tentacles unwrapped from the taxpayer. I urge you support the abolition of teacher unions in public schools in America.

To close, let us look at a sample of benefits the American taxpayer earned from teacher unions in 2009-2010:?

Union money flowing into Oregon tax campaign
As of Dec. 15, the biggest donations in support of the measures have come from the Oregon Education Association ($827,000), and local and national organizations of Service Employees International Union, which represent state employees and health care workers ($742,826 combined) …to prevent possible cuts to schools, social services and public safety, including prisons. ( me – union jobs)

Southern Lehigh teachers contract to get vote Monday
June 20, 2009
The Southern Lehigh School Board will vote Monday on a proposed three-year teachers contract that would allow the district to avoid a strike in September.

Anheuser-Busch, union, politicians join to oppose beer tax hike
March 30, 2009

School budget woes require team solution
February 10, 2010
The preliminary projection shows a tax increase of at least 10 percent. At the same time, I am disappointed and concerned the teachers contract includes an average 4 percent salary increase for next school year.

State Teachers Union Continues Push For Penny Tax
April 6, 2009

Teachers reject renegotiation
January 27, 2010
The Bangor Area teachers union has rejected a request by the administration to renegotiate the union’s contract and consider pay cuts to help

Teachers to strike for 20 days
October 15, 2009

Even the sidewalk is an issue on the first day. Pickets told to get off school land.
Whitehall-Coplay property taxes may soar
Preliminary budget for school district calls for 7.27 percent increase, far over state index

Next school year, teacher salaries are scheduled to rise 3.6 percent, for a spending increase of $888,354. Benefit costs are rising 18.2 percent, roughly $1.49 million. Included in that amount is a 20 percent medical insurance increase and a 72 percent retirement cost increase

Teachers union touts poll support for penny tax
April 07, 2009

Teachers union spends big on 2009 lobbying
Feb. 25, 2010

The Wisconsin Education Association Council spent nearly twice as much as any other organization to lobby lawmakers in 2009, according to the Government Accountability Board.

The state’s largest teachers union reported spending more than $1.5 million and 7,239 hours lobbying,Teachers union spends big on 2009 lobbying

Teachers union blasts Horsford on education
Friday, March 13, 2009

War of words points to fraying of coalition to stanch budget cuts the hotel room tax increase for education funding approved this week…came in the form of an initiative petition, crafted by the teachers union and three major gaming companies.

The OEA was disappointed to learn today that at least two Oklahoma school districts are passing their tax responsibilities onto the National Board Certified teachers (NBCTs) in their districts.

The Arizona Education Association and Gov. Jan Brewer have joined forces in a campaign to convince voters to pass a 1-cent sales tax increase…for the next three years to pay for education and public safety program
Feb. 23,2010

Palm Springs Teachers Association
January 2009
C. T. A. is in favor of a state sales tax increase of 1% that would raise about $2 billion dollars specifically for schools and classrooms in particular.

Tax collections are down for the year and are projected to decrease further, next year. These anticipated revenue declines of $4 million and contractual increases of $6 million have left the town facing a $10 million deficit.
April 15, 2009

The Carpet City Chronicle recently obtained an email sent by Enfield Teachers’ Association President Mary Lombardo to Board of Education Chairman Andre Greco: The Executive Board has already given you the answer that there will be no concessions…We do not plan to make any public statement. Past practice has proved that to be a mistake.

Schools For Fair Funding
A coalition of 74 Kansas school districts made good on a threat today by formally asking the Supreme Court to reopen a key lawsuit that prompted huge increases in school funding.

Sentinel exclusive
February 06, 2009

The state’s teachers union is betting that parents and educators are so fed up with budget cuts that they’ll help pass a penny sales-tax increase to raise money for schools…to avert an “education disaster,” said Mark Pudlow, spokesman for the Florida Education Association, which is proposing the bill.

Kirk Dillard Endorsed by Teachers Who Want Higher Income Tax State Senator Kirk Dillard has been endorsed by the Illinois Education Association.
January 29, 2010

Kingston school district, teachers’ union at impasse
February 3, 2010

The contract between the district and its teachers’ union, whose membership includes the district’s approximately 700 teachers

Harlem Federation of Teachers AFT/IFT local#540
“The IFT still supports an income tax increase this year to prevent layoffs in schools and in state government.

Well, this is just a sample of what unions are doing to our public learning institutions. Not all public school systems are unionized and I do have sympathy for those non-union teachers who are cast in this negative light.

Teachers are not unlike most Americans currently facing economic hardships. Why should unionized government workers be able to hold the taxpayer hostage, over pay, insurance, benefits, pensions, etc.. if their demands are not met, while those of us out here  are paying these  teacher’s salaries. The unions’ unwillingness to concede on issues while pressing the government to hike taxes on those that pay their salaries show what part they should play in our children’s education. None!

Possibly, the non-unionized teachers should push to ban unionization in the public schools instead of swelling the union’s ranks.