This crusty relic of a Senator is the Chair of one of the most powerful Senate Committees, the Senate Judiciary Committee. You would hope that these progressives would at least learn about the founding of our country and the Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (at a minimum) before being allowed in these committees, much less be allowed to run for elected office. However, when interviewed regarding the constitutionality of government mandated socialized healthcare, he declared it was allowed under the “Good and Welfare Clause”. Watch, but be warned this may cause blood to shoot from your eyes.


That’s right -just make this stuff up (including the rules) as they go.

What is the importance of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee

Established in 1816, the Judiciary Committee is one of the standing, or permanent, committees of the U.S. Senate. In 1868 the Senate directed the Judiciary Committee to examine and screen, for the full Senate, all Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court. Since then, one of the highly visible and very important duties of the committee is its investigations and recommendations about Presidential nominations to the Supreme Court.

-The Judiciary Committee quickly became a powerful influence on national legislation
-It is most popularly known for investigating nominees to the federal bench
-The Judiciary Committee receives the president’s judicial nominations from the full Senate for  investigation – The committee’s handling of nominations has been a subject of controversy almost from the origins of that practice…it is not unusual for committee chairs to further delegate responsibilities to subcommittees for reviewing lower court nominees.

This helps solidify the argument that all Congresspeople and members and appointees of the Executive Branch should be certified in American Constitutional knowledge. This clueless buffoon is one of the many in the Legislative Branch with no clue regarding America’s founding. What they do learn is used as a point of reference to promote progressivism, socialism, communism, Marxism, etc.. only

Please help educate America about the enemies of our Constitutional Representative Republic and how these traitors, both Republican, Democrat, and Independent, have no other goal for America that to have Lady Liberty holding a “Hammer and Sickle”.

Keep exposing these traitors and fight to remove them from Congress.