So the Obama administration cut NASA’s budget only to have these bright minds of the space sector redirect their efforts to further investigate and demonize automobile maker Toyota. As reported by Industry Week,

Ray LaHood said space agency experts in “electromagnetic interference,” computer-controlled electronic systems and software integrity would be enlisted to help the high-profile probe.

The funny thing is that as the Obama administration continues to demonize Toyota, Toyota announced at the end of March 2010 that sales increased by 30%. Kind of reminds of the instances when the stock market heads south when Obama gives a nationally televised speech.

Obama seems hell bent on demonizing non-American union-based auto manufacturers. GM and Chrysler are crap because of union control and corruption. I thought union payback by the Obama administration was done already. Obviously, the unions have become part of our unelected Federal Government.

It appears that automobile manufacturer defects have become rocket science. Now NASA, standing as a world beacon for space exploration, has been reduced to playing the part of the new Socialist American way to destroy anything that stands in the way of full blown socialism. So, buying a car not made by a corrupt American union will become an un-Socialist American activity and certainly that cannot be tolerated in Obama’s Socialist America.

Who’s next -Nissan-Infinity, Hundai-Kia, Mazda, etc..