Numbers USA reporter Roy Beck was just trying to cover the Washington DC rally attended by many illegal aliens and Marxists last month. What do Progressives/Marxist/Socialist/Communist do when presented with arguments that oppose their positions of dismantling the sovereignty and Constitution of America? Watch these videos, but make sure you have something to throw-up in as you watch the enemies of America quell dissent with their obstructionist tactics. The thuggery of these cheaters, liars, and crooks is reprehensible.

The worst part of this travesty is that the Washington Mall, maintained with taxpayer money, is policed by Park Police thugs who show more respect for the illegal aliens than the reporter who was removed from the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION RALLY. These people are looking for trouble and the more they continue to allow themselves to be agitated and manipulated, by those who want to destroy America, the frequency in which they will find themselves faced with tens of millions of pissed-off Americas will substantially increase.

Why are these Hispanic ILLEGAL ALIENS being supported by groups like HIAS and the Catholic Church? Without these types of groups that want to destroy America, illegal immigration would be dealt with appropriately by the laws of our land. However, those traitorous groups will continue their assault on America and our Constitutional Republic.

The root of this problem arises from those groups that are “Hate-Brokers” and enemies of the state. Research the Communists subversion of the American Constitution and you will find its toxic activities rooted in Communism that was introduced through unions and social and economic justice groups that insist America was built on a faulty foundation. I say go peddle that progressive bull dung elsewhere.

By the way, hotbeds for Communistic activities are well documented in specific cities such as NYC, Chicago, San Fransisco, St Paul and the institution of Harvard (capital of intelligentsia and elitism movements). Also research The National Committee for Protection of Foreign Born Workers here and here and you’ll be shocked to learn how deep and extensive the rabbit hole really is. The names may have changed, but their game is the same. These traitors gotta go.