As Americans continue to experience ever increasing infringements on our individual liberty, there has to be some questions as to the source of these infringements.

Progressives in the US and across the world have wanted to bring America in-line with U.N. human rights mandates. Our Constitution doesn’t allow for America’s sovereignty to be subverted by superseding mandates.

However, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) allows for our Constitution to be usurped, even though we have not ratified it, as the rest of the world desires. Obama can just implement the declaration’s human rights agenda without actual ratification. Read the UDHR and you will realize where Obama’s blueprint for the transformation of America originated.

There’s is much more to come from the internationalists, including the right to housing (think Fannie Mae and the glut of foreclosed properties), right to a paid vacation, right to free Internet. Actually, I believe the rest of the Socialist world is just pissed that we continue to fight to the tentacles of nanny-state collectivism. America gave the rest of the world hope that freedom and individual liberty had not succumbed international money-grubbing, power hungry mongrels. Obama and his international handlers have America driving uncontrollably over the cliff of socialism.