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Are you still wondering if the one-worlder Ruppert Murdoch is in it just for the money. Obviously, there is severe conflict in points of view of Fox viewers and Fox’s owner with regards to illegal immigrants. It’s ashamed that the least propagandised MSM outlet of the bunch is Fox News, considering the outfit is owned by a neo-con America-destroyer. This is why more people are finding the real and unadulterated news through their own research on the Web. These MSM heads are still in the business of “conquer and divide” and it seems to be working well.

So Ruppert teams up with another divide and conquer agent, Michael Bloomberg, to inform us that his partnership effects of reform would:

“give a path to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants who are in the U.S. today without proper authority. It is nonsense to talk of expelling 11-12 million people”. He then claims a cost of $285 million over five years to deport them.

Are you kidding? Law-abiding immigrants in the U.S without proper authority. You immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally. I’m not sure where the law-abiding reference comes from, by I can assure you the intention of these illegals was to break the law. So, the first act of the immigrants is to break our immigration laws. Now the taxpayers should reward them for their good deeds.

Rupport’s 11-12 million figure is B.S. How about 20-25 million, not including all of the relatives of the amnestied illegals. Now figure that cost out and you will probably find a U.S. economy and government that will be quickly overburdened. Just remember these numbers:

* Illegals in the U.S. = 23,011,172

* Money Wired To Mexico Since 2006 = $38,553,000,000

* Money Wired to Latin America Since 2001 = $324,472,000,000

* Cost of Social Services Since 1996 = $397,473,000,000

* Children of Illegals in Public Schools = 5,170,732

* Cost of Illegals in K-12 Since 1996 = $178,024,000,000

* Illegal Aliens Incarcerated = 431,753

* Cost of Incarcerations Since 2008 = $28,478,000,000

* Illegal Alien Fugitives = 752,975

* Anchor Babies Since 2002 = 5,085,914

* Skilled Jobs Provided to Illegal Aliens = 11,800,933

We should tax the tax-free money illegals have been sending to Latin American countries to fund their deportation. As shown, since 2001, over $320 billion has been sent out. We also need to add a surcharge on Walmart, Western Union, etc.. who gladly accommodate these transfers for a nice fee.

Mr. Murdoch, please spout this crap back in the U.K. or Australia and stop wasting our taxpaying dollars with your B.S. grandstanding. We don’t need rich, American-hating traitors like you influencing our government policy. He should have brought George Soros with him.

He was flip-flopping Democrat all the way.