Democrats use misleading congressional voting numbers to tie Republicans to Nancy Pelosi, from

The House Republican leader, Rep. John Boehner (Ohio), votes with liberal Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) a majority of the time.

…according to an analysis by Democrats. Boehner has voted with the Democratic leadership 52 percent of the time in 2010. So has Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.)

The data come from a Democratic leadership review of the 565 roll call votes in the House from January through the end of September…Since the Speaker herself rarely votes, the comparison is made using the recommended vote of the party leadership.

The explanation for the elevated voting percentages is simple: While hotly-disputed legislation on healthcare, climate change and government spending command the public’s attention, the vast majority of congressional votes occur on more mundane and non-controversial items, like the naming of post offices…

Democrats and Republicans continue to assume voter ignorance by using misleading numbers in Congressional voting. The bottom-line: if these non-Statesmen were truly taking care of the people’s business and interests, they wouldn’t be engaged in naming post offices, granting recognition to sports figures, creating non-binding consensus statements and resolutions, naming special days of the years, making remembrance statements, etc…

There is no reason a Congressman’s position should be but part-time. Send these clowns packing back to their home districts where they can do the people’s work. Naming my damn post office is not what you should be paid to do. Telling me how great some historical figure is is not your job. Making statements/resolution with no legislative teeth is not your job.

So, not only do both parties use these mis-leading vote results to mis-lead their constituents, they have no problem letting you know that most of the time they spend on the job is not about understanding and reading the lobbyist-written bills they pass, it’s about finding another reason to not go home. Cut the bull and get the hell out of the way of freedom and liberty.

Here is a prime example of the heavy load that Congress must deal with as reported here and here by The Washington Post:

National Pipeline Safety Day
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
remembrance of victims of the Holocaust
commemoration of the women suffragists
Gold Star Mothers Day
national celebration of after-school programs
Rotary International Day
World Intellectual Property Day
Peace Officers Memorial Day
National Marina Day
National Weekend of Prayer
Human Genome Month and DNA Day
celebration of Patriots’ Day
A Tribute to Survivors” at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
American Youth Day
Freedom Day
National Family Day
National Children’s Memorial Day
National Ocean Day
National Donor Day

By the way, here an advanced “kiss my arse” for those who want to make racists, anti-Semitic, children-hater, earth-hater, etc.. claims against me. The above were merely examples of where the Federal Government doesn’t belong.