We already knew Lisa Murkowski was a porker and a puffed-up privileged-minded corrupt politician. The Washington Examiner pulls together the story of the fallen princess Murkowski, her lobbyist circle, and crony capitalist pals to create “Alaska Standing Together” to support Murkowski’s write-in bid for the U.S. Congress, after she was rejected in the Alaska GOP primary.

This PAC really represents the worst elements of Alaska’s crooked politicians, shady lobbyists, and crony state-created corporations. This entity (PAC) is pissed because it will probably lose it’s government tit to suck off of. So, how did this band of crooks operate while Ted Stevens/Lisa Murkowski were at the helm.

  • Alaska Native Corporations. These are government-created, for-profit businesses that profit from unique privileges in federal contracting, and they pass much of their earnings on to non-native consultants, subcontractors and lobbyists.
  • Kookesh is also chairman of Sealaska…and…state senator that represents Craig, Alaska. I’m not a vindictive person,” Kookesh told the council, according to the Anchorage Daily News. “I see you’re going to have your 2010 capital projects on the table here tonight. And who’s it going to go to? It’s going to go to me. And to [state Rep.] Bill Thomas, who is also a Sealaska board member.
  • …this year after losing the GOP primary, she enlisted the services of Democratic state Sen. Albert Kookesh. She did so despite the fact that he had been admonished last May by the state’s Select Committee on Legislative Ethics — in an incident that involved none other than Murkowski.
  • Bob Penney, a former business partner of late Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (R) help statrt the PAC. Gave a sweetheart land deal to Murkowski, which she didn’t disclose on her financial disclosure -after severe criticism, she eventually sold the land back to Penny for what she paid for it.
  • AST is prohibited from coordinating with any campaign or party. The organization has filed two forms swearing there was no coordination, but both forms bore the signature of Lisa Murkowski — an odd way of showing independence.
  • …introduced a bill, S 881, that would transfer 85,000 acres of prime timber land on and around Prince of Wales Island to an Alaska Native Corporation called Sealaska, even though this land was outside the Sealaska’s boundaries as established in the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Sealaska retained as its lobbyist the K Street firm Van Ness Feldman, which, as a hub in the “Alaska mafia,” includes a platoon of former aides to Murkowski and the other current and former federal lawmakers from Alaska — former senator and governor Frank Murkowski (Lisa’s father), Rep. Don Young, and Stevens.

So, Murkowski is really a politically amorphous creature without character, who cares not about Alaska and the people of America. She cares only about taking care of Lisa and her crooked cabal.