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Here’s an update of my previous blog post, League of Woman Voters Tries To Shut Down Pledge of Allegiance.

Here’s some additional video captured at the Illinois League of Woman Voter forum with Joe Walsh. This captures the moments after the outbreak of patriotism and just before a security person asks the camera to be cut off. The lead hater-moderator Kathy Tate-Bradish, said she had nothing for or against The Pledge of Allegiance. Lady, you need to be for it 100%, otherwise you are against it. Then she made the statement that she was disrespected by the outbreak of The Pledge of Allegiance? Well, it makes sense considering the source. These progressives find any form of Americanism purely racist and despicable. 

Keep exposing the America haters and let freedom ring.

Jack Conway is all about the war on drugs -as long as it doesn’t involve his brother, Matt Conway.  Apparently, ole Jack ran defence to make sure his brother’s drug dealing investigation was compromised by talking with investigators about the case and making sure a warning was given to his brother about a search warrant being issued to look for Matt’s stash of illegal drugs.

Here the story reported by the Courier-Journal newspaper in Louisville, KY.

Jack Conway is so “war on drugs”-minded he picked up some handy endorsements from law enforcement in Kentucky. See link here and here.

Jack discusses his love for the war on drugs here, here, and here.

Not only is Jack Conway unable to tell the truth in his campaign videos, he has liberal pundits calling him out on it. This is sad when progressives even criticize Conway on his lying BS. Here’s a couple of entertaining videos pertaining to the lies.

Jack Conway Lies

Jack Conway Lies

Jack Conway Lies

To end this with another laugh at the expense of Jack Conway, here’s the story from TPMDC.Com about Conway’s winning strategy against Rand Paul regarding the war on drugs. Here’s the classic quote that made me LMAO:

Democrats have said they plan to continue to attack Paul as weak on drugs. Not only do they think the issue is a winner for Conway — but they also believe it highlights another running theme from the Democrats: Paul doesn’t understand Kentucky.

Well, I guess if impeding a drug investigation on your brother and repeatedly lying, about not only your political opponent, but about breaking the law, is understanding Kentucky, then I guess they are right. I just can’t believe the Kentucky voters can be so sheepish as to support this Jack Conway “good ole boy system”. So, I contend that unless Kentucky is full of clueless progressive sheep (which I don’t believe), they certainly couldn’t support Jack Conway’s lies and corruption.

Please vote for liberty and freedom and reject the “same as it ever was” Jack Conway politics in Kentucky. Vote for Rand Paul.