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From the new America where up is down and black and white are now merely unlimited shades of grey. As reported by

“An immigrant who uses a false Social Security number to get a job doesn’t intend to harm anyone, and it makes no sense to spend our tax dollars to imprison them for two years,” Chuck Roth, litigation director at the National Immigrant Justice Center in Chicago, told the New York Times after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling.

But the Identity Theft Resource Center argues that immigrants who use SSNs to get employment often end up putting the numbers to other uses: obtaining credit cards or car loans that can ultimately be blended in with the victim’s credit, sometimes with disastrous results. The center took particular exception to the Colorado ruling.

Here is a PDF of the ruling.


Reported from, the American League of Lobbyist(ALL) is ramping up its PR efforts to not only educate the dumb masses of Americans about lobbying governments as a needed American tradition, but to counter American’s distaste for paid access to their government officials that most Americans are not afforded.

…the American League of Lobbyists’ just-unveiled, first-ever public relations offensive. This is the first salvo in the media relations and public relations efforts…and…there are going to be a lot of others.”


ALL President Dave Wenhold said the PR video was developed to sway public opinion…We haven’t done a good job of putting out the message on what good, accountable lobbying is,” said Wenhold, a partner at Miller/Wenhold Capitol Strategies. “People fear what they don’t know.

It’s amazing that this group takes a play from the handbook of the current administration, claiming “people just don’t understand”, so we need to explain it better and explain it often.

The new incoming President of ALL explains the sentiment of lobbyists regarding voter backlash over pork-barrel spending/earmarks, or as Steny Hoyer labels it “Congressional initiatives”.

Howard Marlowe…whose Marlowe & Co. lobbies for earmarks…said independent lobbyists in particular have taken a hit in the economic recession and called the earmark moratoriums “repulsive.”

ALL was very upset about Obama’s initiative to bar lobbyist from Federal Boards and Commissions. Here is a copy of that rant and justification of opposing the Obama effort.

The bottom-line here is that more and more people realize that while lobbying, as portrayed by lobbyist and government officials as the Constitutional right to petition for redress of grievances, may provide very limited benefits for the average American. Lobbying is primarily a tool for those financially able companies/individuals who seek to gain some advantage over competitors or procure the gift of taxpayer dollars that the average American would oppose.

Please continue to enlighten us with your PR blitzes, while we continue to cast sunlight on your industry that is conducted in a vale of secrecy behind the shadows of a corrupt Federal Government.

Lobbyists’ efforts have perpetuated the unsustainable crony capitalist system that America currently operates under. Their is no free enterprise in America as long as the deep pockets get preferential treatment.  If lobbyists continue to gain access to influence our government, while the American citizens continues to be ridiculed and ignored by its government, there will be actions taken by the people to level the playing field.