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Now that Democrats are looking at the possibility of becoming the minority party after the 2012 elections, talks have surfaced that the fillibuster is an abused practice that needs overhauling. That’s right, when you start to lose the battle with your own rules, it’s time to change the rules.

From, New GOP Obstruction Threat May Boost Filibuster Reform:

Most Senate Democrats seem to agree that filibusters on procedural motions should be eliminated, but the sticking point is how to accomplish such a change. A two-thirds vote is required to limit debate on a proposed change in Senate rules, but some Members contend that new rules can be adopted at the start of the next Congress by a simple majority, a tactic dubbed the “Constitutional option.” More senior Senators caution that using the technique could set a dangerous precedent for changing Senate procedure.

This has been a hell of a week for a good whine.

From the NALC website:

You’ve got to love the claim “self-sustaining US Postal Service”. Talk about living in lala land. These guys are a drag on Federal finances and this union needs to go. In fact, the USPS is like a rabid dog needing to be put out of its misery. The mail service system in the U.S. needs to be turned over to the private sector.

Another bunch of thugs. Enjoy the Whine, brought to you by John Gage, President of the AFGE

Yet another bunch of overpaid whining Federal employees decrying the Federal Worker pay freeze as a draconian measure. It’s time to end the taxpayer supported unions. Anyway, enjoy the whine from NFFE, found here:

This pay freeze proposal, if adopted by Congress, would significantly impact the bottom line of federal workers in both the short and long term. A two-year pay freeze will set back your bottom line right away, while diminishing your retirement annuities in the long run. It will also diminish the government’s ability to recruit and retain top talent at the federal agencies that protect our borders, care for our veterans, support our armed forces abroad, and provide countless other essential services to the American people…

Taken together, the immediate and future impact of this pay freeze will hurt federal employees, their families, and the American public they serve. We cannot accept this future for ourselves and for our country. We understand that sacrifices will have to be made to reduce our deficit, but we cannot be led to believe that we can balance our budget exclusively on the backs of federal employees. Everyone will have to sacrifice. National President Dougan has been in touch with the White House on the matter and will continue to express our opposition to this draconian proposal.

Isn’t it nice that taxpayers get to pay for the whining of the unionized workers of the U.S. Treasury(NTEU). I’m sure your tax dollars paid for their nice little website. We need to pressure our elected representatives to abolish all unions within the Federal Government, supported with your tax dollars. Anyway, enjoy the whining rant:

You knew the socialist would be pissed when the U.S. Congress succumbed to voter pressure to not extend unemployment benefits, again. The Worlds Socialist Website has offered up a scathing review of Obama and Congressional Democrats. However, the class-struggling socialists have to first paint the picture of children freezing in Winter due to no unemployment benefits.

From the story, US Congress slams door on the unemployed

The tossing of millions of workers—and through them millions more children—into abject desperation is by any measure a social catastrophe. Hunger, which preyed on 50 million Americans last year, will rise sharply. It is reported that soup kitchens and food pantries, already strained to the breaking point, are bracing for record demand. Homelessness and the foreclosure crisis will be exacerbated. Hundreds of thousands more families will lose their utilities in the midst of the winter heating season.

Hold on a second while I wipe the tears from my keyboard. Alright then. So, now the Obama-loving Socialists are seeing U.S. citizens’ alarming reactions of this lurch towards Socialism and Marxism-lite, they need a new target to vent their frustrations. Now it’s Obama’s turn to receive the wrath of the Socialists.

For their part, Obama and the Democrats—who still control both houses of Congress—have responded with palpable indifference, along with their usual admixture of cowardice and dishonesty. Their line from the beginning has been based on the lie that benefits cannot be extended without Republican support, which they know full well is not forthcoming…

the cutoff of unemployment benefits is entirely in line with the strategy of the Democrats and the Obama administration to use mass unemployment to drive down wages, increase exports and expand corporate profits.

You know it’s getting bad when the Socialists renounce Obama and crew with failing them. Maybe it’s just a ploy to embarrass Obama into getting his game-face back on. Either way, it’s hilarious that the Progressive/Socialist/Marxist leanings of Obama isn’t radical enough for them. That leaves me wondering what is radical enough for them. Oh wait, I found it:

This state of affairs can be reversed only by building forms of class struggle politically independent of the Democrats, the trade unions, and their agents. This requires the fight for socialism. We encourage workers to study, and adopt as their own, the program of the Socialist Equality Party.

Keep pushing Socialism on the U.S and you will eventually find that we will shove your socialism so far up your a*& that only the TSA will be able to find it.