Here’s a great interview with Rand Paul and conservative blogger Ben Domenech about Paul’s plans in Congress for 2011. It’s brought to you by’s Coffee and Markets.


Link to the website

Interview with Rand Paul and the issues discussed:

  • Congressional compromise unjustified
  • Senate actions – government getting out of business’s way
  • Tax rate effects on small business
  • Regulations should not be initiated by unelected officials, such as EPA, HHS, etc..
  • Repealing Obamacare – Liberal activist judge’s abhorrent ruling in the 1940’s considering not engaging in economic activity is covered by the Commerce Clause.
  • Constitutional budgeting
  • 2010 Lame duck session
  • All major legislation introduced has to be accompanied with spending cuts
  • Passing amendments without requiring 2/3 majority
  • Mitch McConnell’s Conservatism
  • Requiring that appropriations bills come from Congressional committees
  • Reducing Congressional staffer’s power
  • Reshaping the image of Congressional Senators towards conservatism and the Constitution
  • Reforming Senate procedures to be more Constitutional