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There may be some hope in keeping the American Republic from flushing herself down the fiscal toilet, but not if the central planning statist progressives on the right and the left have anything to do with it. Rand Paul, a true American-loving fiscal conservative, is proposing cuts to the Federal Government in the order of $500 billion per year.

Of course, the typical mantra coming from both sides is, “we want cuts, just don’t mess with our programs”. That’s why those that argue that government should be the “everything for everybody” paternalist have no intention of cutting anything and could truly give a rat’s ass whether they spend America into oblivion or continue to ignore the tenets of the Constitution of the United States. Those that perpetuate this reckless mindset are the cancer that is affecting America. These statists will attempt to grow government to a point that the bureaucracy will perpetuate continual growth to protect its interests. Those that continue America down this path need to be replaced or they will replace the American Republic with a European-style socialist state.

To be frank, Rand Paul’s budget/program cuts are just a start. If your typical uninformed and blissfully ignorant American would take the time away from self-indulgence and entertainment and concern themselves with the sustainability of America, they could find how much taxpayer money is wasted, lost, or stolen from this unaccountable, out of control bureaucracy called the Federal Government.

While I have little faith in the toothless Federal Government agency called the General Accountability Office (GAO), they do reveal the fact that there is massive fraud, waste, and inefficiency in every Federal Government department, agency, program, etc..

Americans and Statesmen need to stand up and oppose the statists that want American exceptionalism buried forever to keep America from continuing down the proverbial road to hell. Otherwise, see ya in hell.

Here is the outline of cuts proposed by Rand and friends. To see more detail, visit Rand Paul’s Senate website linking the proposal.

Dept., Agency, Program, etc.. Dollar Amount Percent
1 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH $1,283,000,000.00 23.0%
2 JUDICIAL BRANCH $2,434,000,000.00 32.0%
3 AGRICULTURE $42,542,000,000.00 30.0%
4 COMMERCE $5,322,000,000.00 54.0%
5 DEFENSE $47,500,000,000.00 6.5%
6 EDUCATION $78,000,000,000.00 83.0%
7 ENERGY $44,200,000,000.00 100.0%
8 HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES $26,510,000,000.00 26.0%
9 HOMELAND SECURITY $23,765,000,000.00 43.0%
10 HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT $53,100,000,000.00 100.0%
11 INTERIOR $10,934,000,000.00 78.0%
12 JUSTICE $9,057,000,000.00 28.0%
13 LABOR $2,803,000,000.00 2.0%
14 STATE $20,321,000,000.00 71.0%
15 TRANSPORTATION $42,810,000,000.00 49.0%
17 CORPS OF ENGINEERS $1,854,000,000.00 27.0%
18 EPA $3,238,000,000.00 29.0%
19 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION $1,936,000,000.00 85.0%
20 INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS $24,300,000,000.00 100.0%
21 NASA $4,500,000,000.00 25.0%
22 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION $4,723,000,000.00 62.0%
23 OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT $9,070,000,000.00 3.5%
25 FCC $2,150,000,000.00 22.0%
ABOLISH $2,050,000,000.00
26 (1) Affordable Housing Program. 100.0%
27 (2) Commission on Fine Arts. 100.0%
28 (3) Consumer Product Safety Commission. 100.0%
29 (4) Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 100.0%
30 (5) National Endowment for the Arts. 100.0%
31 (6) National Endowment for the Humanities. 100.0%
32 (7) State Justice Institute. 100.0%
33 Collect delinquent taxes from Federal Employees $3,000,000,000.00
34 Freeze Federal Government employee pay $2,000,000,000.00
35 Reduce Federal Government travel $7,500,000,000.00
36 Repeal Davis-Bacon $6,000,000,000.00
37 Prohibit union project labor agreements $2,000,000,000.00
38 TARP repeal $4,481,000,000.00
39 Sell Federal Buildings $19,000,000,000.00
40 Reduce Federal vehicle budget $600,000,000.00

Donald Trump with CNN on Possible Presidential Run

Courtesy of CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer


Yesterday, the Obama administration announced an increased effort to take the pressure off the Dept. of Homeland Security to enforce US Immigration laws, by pressuring American businesses to increase the verification process in hiring workers. It’s the same old same old tried and true effort that was utilized  in the Reagan, Bush I and II, and Clinton administrations- Deflecting attention away from a comprehensive and effective immigration enforcement effort.

The story reported in the Wall Street Journal on 01-20-11 on the IMAGE program doesn’t reveal the real issue. In the article, it’s noted that Tyson Foods has been working with consulting firm Border Management Strategies, LLC to solve its hiring problems concerning illegals.

“Tyson realized that employment of unauthorized workers posed a risk to their operations and stepped forward to manage that risk,” says Mark Reed, a former immigration agent who runs Border Management Strategies, a consulting firm which has advised Tyson.

Interesting enough, the aforementioned Mark Reed laid out the crux of the problem in his testimony to Congress in 2005 regarding “The Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform and Strengthening Our National Security” .

No, this wasn’t the usual amnesty program that the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, or Obama  administration repeatedly proposed. Reed discussed the fact that our Federal Government seeks to do all it can to avoid using a comprehensive enforcement program that would work. In fact, he points out that when any comprehensive proposals are introduced and shown to effect successful enforcement of illegal immigration, they get gutted and tossed aside.

From Mr. Reed’s testimony:

…our borders can be secured with the resources and organizational structure that is in place today. I am not talking about using the military. I am talking about implementing capability and initiatives readily available today into a comprehensive and cohesive plan…Continued efforts to concentrate on a piece of the solution while ignoring other essential components of the problem…is inherently dishonest; and in today’s world, dangerous.

…our border policies, exacerbated by inadequate funding and conflicted policy have created great cover for anyone to unlawfully enter this country, remain here, and do us harm.

…When DOD refused to entertain the idea that they should only detain drug smugglers upon interdiction, the meeting was abruptly terminated. The safety valve that illegal immigration provided toward the stability of Mexico seemed to be a more compelling national security priority…

…DOD stated that they could provide the technology and resources to detect any intrusion along the Mexican border. Almost two decades later, the Border Patrol still cannot “see” most of the border…

…remember that this “Call to Arms” to secure our borders occurred shortly after the completion of sweeping legislation to legalize millions of undocumented workers in our country coupled with a “strong” enforcement package to stop further illegal immigration. Almost ten years ago, the Border Patrol launched a highly visible terrain denial operation called “Gatekeeper” to stop an invasion of thousands of illegal border crossers from
Mexico every night between the ports of entry just south of San Diego…Eventually, a coordinated balanced operational plan was developed and their efforts prevailed…The strategy was to be backed up by collateral efforts to attack smuggling corridors used by alien smugglers and an aggressive worksite enforcement effort to attack the “magnet”…Resources to attack the corridors never materialized and worksite enforcement resources actually dwindled. The “marching strategy” was abandoned. The Border Strategy became focused on quality of life issues for border communities…

Around that same time, the government also launched a pilot program to better address locating and identifying deportable aliens incarcerated in jails throughout the country…The project was very successful, but became embroiled in County, State, and Federal agency discussions regarding the financial responsibility for incarceration. The program faded away…

About 6 years ago, shortages of detention space became a crisis…there needed to be a simple reconfiguration of process and logistics to eliminate egregious continuations of administrative hearings…What became known as the “Hub Site Program” never saw the light of day. When it became apparent that the government could actually start removing large numbers of criminal aliens to countries not prepared to absorb them, further consideration of that proposal were stopped.

A few years ago, the government launched a worksite enforcement initiative called Vanguard. Vanguard came about through intense congressional concern over a growing influx of undocumented people into the states of Nebraska and Iowa and the effect that that was having on their schools, hospitals and rising crime rates…It was tremendously successful. Within the first 30 days over 3500 hundred undocumented workers fled the meatpacking industry in Nebraska. Vanguard demonstrated an efficient and effective capability to bar unauthorized workers from employment in any given sector. When that capability was realized, it was stopped as well…

In summary, all the pieces that you need to meet the challenges of national security as they relate to border security are out there. But you have to grab them all and build them into an integrated approach to protect this nation. Please do it now.

As has been the case regarding illegal immigration enforcement since the Reagan administration, it’s now merely a political football thrown back and forth to appease a particular block of voters as election time approaches or when poll numbers are in the crapper. The same especially holds true with Barak Obama, who now tries to run to the center to appease independent voters. There is no question that Obama’s desire to tackle the illegal immigration problem is disingenuous, at best. In fact, in his fantasy world, we should have a  totally open borders policy with no restraint as illegals clamour for American taxpayer supported benefits, such as free or subsidized health care, food, clothing, transportation, housing, college tuition, etc..

Obama will continue to play the Centrist card with one hand, while the other continues to ram progressive policies via Executive Order and make sure the idea of American exceptionalism is deemed a racist and hate-based concept. This guy and and his elitist Intelligentsia need to get thrown to the curb come 2012. Don’t buy their “lets all work together now” and “we need to tone down the rhetoric” propaganda. Keep turning up the heat and the rhetoric and bring America back from the precipice of “progressive hell”.

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