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Reported by the AP on Yahoo news: BofA settlement with Fannie, Freddie “clears air”

Two Questions on this story: 1. Why does our government refuse to prosecute the massive fraud committed against the American people and our governments by the banking, finance, and investment industries? 2. Is the settlement money really just another tax imposed on Americans, seeing that the government allows the fraud to occur against the American people then only requires the criminals to pay some paltry sum of money that the defrauded citizen never sees.


Reported by Bloomberg, Obama may name William Daley to top job

Three questions on this story: 1. Why are the liberals and progressives not up-in-arms about Obama continuing to get in bed with the “Wall Street Bankers” that they so often demonize? 2. Are you kidding me? Former Chicago Mayor Rich Daley’s brother, who is another Clintonite, Chicago-connected, Wall Street insider? 3. Have you not figured out the game of American politics is rigged?

Our government is owned and controlled by the Federal Reserve and monied interests. It’s time to shed some sunshine on this perpetual fraud committed by this pack of black-backed jackals. If you didn’t know, these creatures take down large victims (government) by hunting in large groups, but also tend to prey on the weak, vulnerable and defenseless (American citizen).

Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor-elect, is leading his state in the fight to confront and effectively reduce the costs that state employee unions cost the taxpayer. As reported by The New York Times, many states are going on the offensive to reduce the power of, if not eliminate, taxpayer supported state employee unions.

This was one of the mandates thrust upon the new state governments as the electorate voted in favor of fiscal conservatism rather than reckless progressive spending. As states approach insolvency, there will be desperate measures to cut spending and state employee unions’ salaries and their underfunded pensions are a target. They are an enormous drag on states’ finances and, in fact, Wisconsin Governor-elect, Scott Walker, would prefer to eliminate state employee unions all together. Here is a good article from the Milwaukee.Wisconsin Journal Sentinel regarding Scott’s feelings about and efforts to curb the power of Wisconsin’s state employee unions. If you don’t think these unions feel entitled to their priveledged union positions, read through some of the 800+ comments on the article. They will be the cause for major strife and unrest in America as more state governments seek to reduce labor unions’ power over the taxpayer by sending the budget axe their way.

To finish on an even better note, the labor union leaders’ quotes from this New York Times article are classic:

“I see this as payback for the role we played in the 2010 elections,” said Gerald W. McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the main union of state employees. Mr. McEntee said in October that his union was spending more than $90 million on the campaign, largely to help Democrats.

Naomi Walker, the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s director of state government relations, said many voters would oppose the antiunion efforts. “I think folks in these states are going to ask whether this is the right time to weaken unions when corporations are amassing more power than ever,” she said. “We’ve been fighting against privatizing Social Security and sending jobs offshore and to get the best deal for the unemployed. It would be a lot easier for Republicans if unions weren’t there to throw up these roadblocks.”

“They’re throwing the kitchen sink at us,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “We’re seeing people use the budget crisis to make every attempt to roll back workers’ voices and any ability of workers to join collectively in any way whatsoever.”

It’s time to feel the pain that your corrupt employee unions helped create.