Barak Obama, the epitome of progressivism, wants the donkey bray to go away-for now. Any claim of a political ideology shift is disingenuous at best. So what is the motivation behind appointing another Wall Street “fat cat” to his staff?

  • Returning a favor to Wall Street for helping him finance his presidential run?
  • Returning a favor to Richard Daley for somehow managing to ensure Rahm Emanuel will become Chicago’s next mayor?
  • Currying favor with the elitist Republicans who afford Wall Street full access to our political system, that by the way, you and I do not have?
  • Just throwing more crap against the wall to see what sticks?
  • Really doesn’t have a clue and is just following orders?
  • Trying to trick the Neo-conservatives into thinking he’s become pro business so they will support his 2012 re-election bid?
  • Trying to trick the independent, right-leaning voters into thinking that he’s fully supportive of the free markets as to garner their suppoprt for his 2012 re-election bid?
  • Wants to encourage an increase in financial campaign support from the investment/banking industries for 2012?
  • Win the backing of the US Chamber of Commerce, who has been a thorn in side since he took office?
  • Knowing that his rabid progressive base, that makes up approximately 20% of the electorate, won’t abandon him no matter what political decisions he makes? Listen to all the criticism coming from his Wall-Street-hating supporters. – Progressive’s Criticism of Daley Pick
  • His decision is disingenuous, at best, and he knows that a gullible electorate may come to view him as a centrist in his run-up to 2012?

So which one(s) do you choose? I choose all of the above. Whoever runs this political puppet show in Washington knows that Obama has tanked and Americans put up an unavoidable red light in the 2010 mid-terms to bring his screaming progressive train to a screeching halt.

The donkey only muted his bray so the American electorate will, hopefully for him, forget the progressive track has run out as they approach the edge of the cliff that America is about to be thrust over. Progressives are apparently still selling tickets for that train ride and they know it’s a ruse that may cause some short-term discomfort in their battle to turn America into another European-style socialist nightmare.

So with the Daley appointment, this is what you got:

  • A staunch opponent of any effective financial reforms of the banking/financial industry
  • Banking lobbyist
  • Another re-cycled wealthy Clintonite elitist
  • Major player in getting NAFTA passed – remember the flushing sound of American jobs
  • Key executive of a Wall Street firm that received your taxpayer dollars in the bail-out
  • Chicago-based politico who will obvious continue the Obama tradition of injecting Chicago-style thugocracy into Washington politics
  • Further morphing our Federal Government into Corporatism
  • A staunch supporter of Dr. Global Warming, Mr. Internet, Al Gore.

No matter how hard these Progressive/Socialist try, they’re not getting the cat back in the bag. In fact, this is a great opportunity to further identify those, fraudulently professing conservatism, who are playing this game with Obama, thinking that everyone will embrace this fake centrist head-fake.

The people have caught on to the game and the result would be no different then if you had appointed Andy Stern as Chief of Staff and Reverend Wright as Whitehouse spokesman. Fortunately, the majority of Americans will stand at the edge of the proverbial cliff, let the American people off the train, and then let you and your minions continue over that cliff alone. We appreciate your handlers making it much easier to throw you and your progressive dolts out of the “Peoples House” come November 2012. Cya.