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There may be some hope in keeping the American Republic from flushing herself down the fiscal toilet, but not if the central planning statist progressives on the right and the left have anything to do with it. Rand Paul, a true American-loving fiscal conservative, is proposing cuts to the Federal Government in the order of $500 billion per year.

Of course, the typical mantra coming from both sides is, “we want cuts, just don’t mess with our programs”. That’s why those that argue that government should be the “everything for everybody” paternalist have no intention of cutting anything and could truly give a rat’s ass whether they spend America into oblivion or continue to ignore the tenets of the Constitution of the United States. Those that perpetuate this reckless mindset are the cancer that is affecting America. These statists will attempt to grow government to a point that the bureaucracy will perpetuate continual growth to protect its interests. Those that continue America down this path need to be replaced or they will replace the American Republic with a European-style socialist state.

To be frank, Rand Paul’s budget/program cuts are just a start. If your typical uninformed and blissfully ignorant American would take the time away from self-indulgence and entertainment and concern themselves with the sustainability of America, they could find how much taxpayer money is wasted, lost, or stolen from this unaccountable, out of control bureaucracy called the Federal Government.

While I have little faith in the toothless Federal Government agency called the General Accountability Office (GAO), they do reveal the fact that there is massive fraud, waste, and inefficiency in every Federal Government department, agency, program, etc..

Americans and Statesmen need to stand up and oppose the statists that want American exceptionalism buried forever to keep America from continuing down the proverbial road to hell. Otherwise, see ya in hell.

Here is the outline of cuts proposed by Rand and friends. To see more detail, visit Rand Paul’s Senate website linking the proposal.

Dept., Agency, Program, etc.. Dollar Amount Percent
1 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH $1,283,000,000.00 23.0%
2 JUDICIAL BRANCH $2,434,000,000.00 32.0%
3 AGRICULTURE $42,542,000,000.00 30.0%
4 COMMERCE $5,322,000,000.00 54.0%
5 DEFENSE $47,500,000,000.00 6.5%
6 EDUCATION $78,000,000,000.00 83.0%
7 ENERGY $44,200,000,000.00 100.0%
8 HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES $26,510,000,000.00 26.0%
9 HOMELAND SECURITY $23,765,000,000.00 43.0%
10 HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT $53,100,000,000.00 100.0%
11 INTERIOR $10,934,000,000.00 78.0%
12 JUSTICE $9,057,000,000.00 28.0%
13 LABOR $2,803,000,000.00 2.0%
14 STATE $20,321,000,000.00 71.0%
15 TRANSPORTATION $42,810,000,000.00 49.0%
17 CORPS OF ENGINEERS $1,854,000,000.00 27.0%
18 EPA $3,238,000,000.00 29.0%
19 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION $1,936,000,000.00 85.0%
20 INTERNATIONAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS $24,300,000,000.00 100.0%
21 NASA $4,500,000,000.00 25.0%
22 NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION $4,723,000,000.00 62.0%
23 OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT $9,070,000,000.00 3.5%
25 FCC $2,150,000,000.00 22.0%
ABOLISH $2,050,000,000.00
26 (1) Affordable Housing Program. 100.0%
27 (2) Commission on Fine Arts. 100.0%
28 (3) Consumer Product Safety Commission. 100.0%
29 (4) Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 100.0%
30 (5) National Endowment for the Arts. 100.0%
31 (6) National Endowment for the Humanities. 100.0%
32 (7) State Justice Institute. 100.0%
33 Collect delinquent taxes from Federal Employees $3,000,000,000.00
34 Freeze Federal Government employee pay $2,000,000,000.00
35 Reduce Federal Government travel $7,500,000,000.00
36 Repeal Davis-Bacon $6,000,000,000.00
37 Prohibit union project labor agreements $2,000,000,000.00
38 TARP repeal $4,481,000,000.00
39 Sell Federal Buildings $19,000,000,000.00
40 Reduce Federal vehicle budget $600,000,000.00