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Thousands of Hispanics Protest Anti-Immigration Bills In Texas – Calling It Racist

Protest Over Proposed NJ Illegal Immigrant Prison Saying It’s Inhumane

Mn Public Union Protesters To Bring Illegal Aliens Into The Fold For Upcoming Protests

IL Illegal Immigration Proposal Has Critics Crying “Immigrant Hate” Plan Protest

MA Lawmakers Say Illegal Immigration Proposals Can’t Move Forward Without Input From Illegals

Univ Of GA Decision Restricting Illegal Immigrant Called “Back of The Bus” Mentality

Illegal Aliens’ Families Protest At Site Where 200 Illegals Were Detained In MS

Non-Union People Join WI Protesters Claiming Scott Walker Is After Us All and We Have To Be Heard

Illegal Immigration Advocates Arrested For Protesting Arrest Of Other Illegal Immigration Activists

58 Illegal Aliens Arrested In Jackson, MS – Opponents Claim Illegals Are Unfairly Targeted

San Diego Authorities Arrests 11 Illegal Aliens, Some Who Had Been Previously Deported

TX Lawmaker Bill Would Allow Daily Vanloads Of Illegals T Be Dropped Off At Office of Legislators Opposing Illegal Immigration Reform

AZ Authorities Arrest 128 Illegal Aliens Near Border

17-yr Old Hispanic Arrested In TX For Smuggling Illegal Aliens

Remember The MA Flight School Owner Arrested With 33 Students For Illegal Immigration – Problem Not Properly Addressed Yet

Fake ID Ring Broken Up In NC – Selling ID’s In 19 Cities In 11 States

22 Arrested for Selling Fake Documents to Illegal Immigrants IN VA

SC, With Toughest Illegal Immigration Laws, Introduces More Measure and Will Likely Pass

RI Cities Refuses To Participate In Secure Communities, Calling It Racist

GA County Signs Up For Secure Communities Program

Women’s Group Says Secure Communities Program Targets Illegal Aliens Who are Not Criminals – Say What?

Progressive Hack Commentary @ Kansas City Star – We Can Cut The Deficit By Cutting Illegal Immigration Enforcement – It’s Just A Gift To Big Business, Private Detention Facility Owners

Illegal Aliens In CA Arrested In CD/DVD Piracy Ring

Sonoma County , CA law Enforcement Agencies Relax Law On Impounding Illegal Aliens Vehicles Saying It’s An Unfair Burden

Obama and DHS Still Won’t Comply on FOIA Request Regarding Illegal Alien That Killed Nun

New Mexico Senate Strikes Down Law Denying Drivers Licenses To Illegal Aliens

Law Seeks To Charge Landlords Renting To Illegal Aliens With A Class 3 Felony

Fed Gov’t Union (NTEU) Calls Fiscal 2012 Budget Blueprint Common-Sense and Right for the Times – Don’t Cut Federal Jobs


U.S. Government Increases Home Healthcare Money To States Fro Medicaid Recipients

Obama Asks States To Cut Costs Even Though He Won’t

Will Senate Republicans Snatch Budget Defeat from the Jaws of Victory? Republicans May Cave On Cuts

Federal, State and Local Debt Hits Post-WWII Levels

Obama’s Budget Ignores Realities Of Spending

Socialists Say Republicans Want To Cut The Budget Because They Hate The Poor

NY Times Says Budget Cuts Won’t Help Federal Gov’tRaising The Debt Limit Is Good

They hate The College Students: Proposed Cut To Pell Grants

Republicans Targeting College Students

Federal Workforce Continues to Grow Under Obama Budget

Republicans Draconian Budget Cuts Target Poor People

Republican Budget Cuts Are Immoral Since They Target Poor People

GOP Budget Cuts Are Just A Ploy To Demonize Social Security

GOP Cuts To Legal Services Corporation Targets Poor People

GOP Proposal To Cut IRS Enforcement Budget Immoral

Schumer and Reid Want To Pass 30-Day Temp Budget and Negotiate With GOP

All Fed Gov’t Politicians Want Hands Off Their Sacred Cow: In Other Words, Lets Not Cut Anything

Think Tank Hack: Size of Federal Gov’t Of No Concern- Also A New Way To Count Number Of Fed Gov’t Employee

CR Passes House, Step Freeze Left Behind

Crying A River: Allen Federal Business Partners Founder Says Budget Cuts Affect The Poor Gov’t Contractors

Allowing Paid Maternity Leave For Fed Gov’t Workers Could Save $50 mil/Yr – Huh?

CR Prompts Hiring, Travel, IT Cutbacks; Furloughs Possible – World Coming To An End

Sen. Mike Lee: Balanced Budget Amendment Needed

I thought it impossible for the liberty-loving American to not easily conclude that our country is now a certified quasi-socialist state. I am correct in the assumption that the tenets of socialism are completely incompatible with a Democratic Republic.  I never thought it would take so much time for this conclusion to be reached by the informed, un-indoctrinated American. However, those people in that category are in the extreme minority. I make no political party distinction when trying determine the percentage of useful idiots who have bought into our political system in which the political actors utilize class, race, and gender warfare to achieve their goals of progressing the socialist state.  There’s no distinction here regarding political parties. Both Democrat and Republican parties are guilty of unknowingly establishing America as a socialist state. All of these parties of political actors and citizens are responsible for the demise of the American Republic. I forgive them.

However, I do not forgive those who wage war against freedom and liberty for the sake of economic, social, and environmental justice. One such group would be pubic union members, their leaders, and the political actors who have produced and staged their play, “War on American Freedom”. In all of my reading about American history, one subject has captivated my attention incessantly – the infiltration by certain anti-freedom agents in all of America’s once great institutions.

So several years I came across information that provided some very intriguing insights on the methods and means in which free societies become captive to small groups. I ask you to read the following information presented and you will immediately understand the point I’m making. I deleted a particular word or phrase and replaced with a blank spot. As you read, replace the eliminated space with the word or phrase Democrat or Democratic Party. It will strike you as very applicable to the current state of affairs in today’s America. Then you may begin to understand the play we currently find ourselves the audience of. Actually, this reading would provide a great lesson on how to deal effectively with the public unions, who continue to make unrealistic demands on the American taxpayer. At the end of reading this, please click on the link below it and you will see how the public union members have had their own ignorance used against them to promote another agenda.

The Organizational Structure of the ___________, the Methods and Content of Their Work

  • In the period prior to open revolutionary insurrection, revolutionary propaganda and agitation is one of our most important tasks. For the most part, however, this work is still prepared and carried out in the old-established formal manner and is limited to occasional interventions in mass meetings, without any special attention being given to the actual revolutionary content of speeches and pamphlets.
  • ___________ propaganda and agitation must take root in the proletarian milieu. It must grow out of the actual life of the workers, their common interests and aspirations and, above all, their common struggle.
  • The most important aspect of ______________  propaganda is its revolutionary content. The slogans and the positions taken on concrete questions in different situations must always be carefully considered from this standpoint. The ___________ will not be capable of adopting the correct position on every question unless the fun-time propagandists and agitators and all members of the Party are given a thorough and continuous political education.
  • The main forms of ___________  propaganda and agitation are as follows: verbal propaganda on an individual level, participation in the trade-union and political workers’ movement, and the Party press and Party literature.
  • Propaganda must be adapted to the understanding of the workers who are not yet revolutionary but are beginning to be radicalised, and must make the revolutionary movement comprehensible and accessible to them. Read the rest of this entry

Poll: Should Public Unions Be Given Collective Bargaining Rights?

A Communist Sea of Red Expected In Ohio To Protest Push To Curb Public Union Power

Pass Collective Bargaining Ban

Ohio Lawmakers Urged To Reform Public Union collective Bargaining Agreements

Bachmann Supports WI Public Union Reform

TN Lawmakers Introduce Law To End Collective Bargaining For Teachers Union

WI Governor Tells Obama To Mind His Own Budget Problems

Loony Libs Keep Wishing For Three WI Republican To Defect

NY Times Uses Liberal Poll Results To Claim Republicans Will Get Voted Out For Opposing Their Brethren

TN Shows Schools Without Collective Bargaining Outperform Those That Do

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) Elitist Idiots Supports WI Teachers

Why Are Our Tax Dollar Being Used to Progress NFL Union Impasse

The Federal Agency FMSC Is Now Involved In NFL Union Negotiations With Your Tax Dollars

The Right To Unionize Is A Socialist UN Mandate

Pictures From The WI Teacher Union Protest

University Of Wisconsin Article Say Governor Is Attacking Liberty

Coward WI Democrats Still Hiding From Democracy In IL

On Video: Doctors Committing Fraud With Doctors Excuses For WI Protesting Teachers

AFGE Public Union Says Infinitesimal Republicans Cuts To Budget Will Starve Poor People

Socialist Media Defends Teacher’s Communist-Oriented Actions

READ This and You Can Understand How Unions Are A Communist’s Best Friend

WI Teachers Unions Starting To Cave

The First International Congress of Revolutionary Trade Unions -1921; Understanding The Marriage Between Communists and Unions

Get Up To Speed On Why Karl Marx Loved Labor Unions

Communist Party USA Says The Attack On WI Union Is One Of The Most Drastic Attacks That You Can Imagine

US Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’ Declares Class War Has Been Declared On Working People In WI.

Chicago Communist Join WI Rally

Boston Rag: Teacher Protest Proving To Be A Catalyst For Democrats – Hopefully Spread To Other States

Communist Party USA Says The Attack On WI Union Is One Of The Most Drastic Attacks That You Can Imagine

US Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’ Declares Class War Has Been Declared On Working People In WI.

Chicago Communist Join WI Rally

Boston Rag: Teacher Protest Proving To Be A Catalyst For Democrats – Hopefully Spread To Other States

Kansas Unveils Arizona-like Bill Targeting Illegal Aliens

GA Lawmakers Want To Fight Illegal immigration – Costs Georgia $2.4 Billion a Year

Phoenix Detectives Arrest Kidnapping Illegal Aliens – Also Find Illegal Guns and Illegal Drugs

Virginia Lawmaker ‘Likely’ to Sue DHS Over Illegal Immigrant Data After Killing

VA Wants To Be A Sanctuary State Dem Lawmakers With Help From Business Kill 10 Illegal Immigration Bills

Tennessee Republicans Introduce Illegal Immigration Bill – Democrats Decry Police State Tactics

Indiana Legislators Move To Toughen Current Illegal Immigration Laws

Federal Government Targets More Companies To Find Undocumented Workers That Will Move On To The Next Job

WA, NW, UT Move To Disallow Drivers Licences For Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary State – MD Governor Martin O’Malley Says He Wants Discount College Tuition For Illegal Aliens

In CA, ICE Allowing No Exemptions For Opting Out Of Program Identifying Illegal Aliens

ACLU Gets Activist Judge To Delay Bill Renting Home and Hiring Illegals In NE City until 2012

Utah Laws To Allow State To Recoup Cost Of Medical Services To Illegal Aliens From Fed

Houston Police Arrest Illegal Aliens bar Owner of Sex Slave Trafficking

RI Lawmakers Want Discount Tuition For Illegal Saying There are No Taxpayer Cost and Its Good For The Economy

Obama’s DHS Ignores Another FOIA Request – Investigation Memo On VA Illegal Alien Nun Killer

AR Illegal Immigration Efforts Equivalent To “Show Me Your Papers Please”

ICE Closing Illegal Immigrant Holding Facility CA City, But Give No Reason

18 suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested Off CA Coast – Could Be Left To Return To Mexico On Their Own

TX Hispanic Law Enforcement Agents Protest Illegal Immigration Measures

State Instituting Its Own Dream Act

1 Week ON AZ Border – 2,500 Illegals Arrested and $27 mil In Drugs, $76,00 Cash Found

Still Less Than Half Of US/Mexico Border Protected

FL Workers Union Protests VA Hospital Construction Site – Contractor Giving Jobs To Illegal Aliens

Want to know who’s out there fighting for and against the American Constitution? Here ya go!

US Constitution Gets Second Life With New Website

New Website For The American Constitution

TN Legislators Plan For Defense of Constitution Against Hedy Weinberg and Her ACLU Cohorts

VT Lawmakers Ponder Proposing U.S. Constitutional Amendment Clarifying a Corporation Is Not a Person

ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation Will Represent Unnamed Plaintiff in School Ten Commandments Case

VA Senate Kills Bill That Would Make State 36th To Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment

Judge Napolitano Shuts Down Gretchen Carlson’s Suggestion US Constitution Outdated

Constitution Club Expands Into St. Clair County, IL

Judge Nepolitano Talks With Northern Exposure Actress About Her Constitution Education Program

SC Lawmakers Introduce Legislation For a 28th Amendment For State Power Over Federal Gov’t.

Sharia Law or the Constitution?

Idaho House of Representatives Is The Fist State In The Nation To Nullify Obamacare

Progressives Want The Constitution To Remain a “Living Document” Until They Can Find A Way To Destroy It

Possible 2012 Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Speaks to GOP Legislators About Balanced Budget Amendment

Monster on the Loose: A Federal Government Unchained from US Constitution

Two Laid-Off TN Teachers Sue Gov’t For Breach of Establishment Clause

The Duplicity of Warren Buffett – Not Acting On His Supposed Constitutional Belief

Litigation Proceed Regarding US Gov’t Abridging Free Speech Laws In Twitter Case

Three Texas Voters File Federal Lawsuit Claiming Census Results Not Valid for Re-districting Purposes

Download List Of US Congressmen Voting Against and For The Patriot Act Extension

Maryland Lawmaker Introduce Resolution Against Federal Government Overreach

AZ Sheriff Mack Will Speak To A Tea Party Group and Discuss The 10th Amendment

Fox Lane Students Get Lessons on the Constitution – High School Encourages Students To Learn It

Conservative Think Tank Slams Texas’ New Social Studies Standards

Sen. Rand Paul, Clarence Thomas, & 10th Amendment Advocates Agree on Commerce Clause Abuse

Arizona State Legislature Seeks to Intervene in Federal Lawsuit to Defend AZ Immigration Law

Climate Policy by Judicial Fiat: How Global Warming Lawsuits Subvert the Democratic Process

Pretending to Save Us from the TSA

NYC Pension Managers May Face Firing for Badmouthing Workers’ Benefits

The International Association of Constitutional Law(IACL) Sees Need For World Constitution Changes To Reflect Social and Economic Justice In The “New Global Order” (See “About The IACL”)

American Taxpayer Funded Site By U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs Pushes Universal Declaration of Human Rights Agenda