Federal Government Unions Spend $1 Million of Your Tax Dollars Fighting Gov’t. Cuts

Greek Public Sector Union Calls 24-hour Strike Feb 23

Workers Pack Ohio Hearing to Oppose Reform on Collective Bargaining

Orange County’s GOP Chairman Scott Baugh Next Week Hopes To Gear Up An Army of Elected Officials Across The County That Will Battle Organized Labor At Every Level of Local Government Over Pension Issues.

Gov. Scott Walker Unveiled Sweeping Legislation Friday That Would Severely Curtail Public Employee Bargaining Rights and Dramatically Change The Way The State Negotiates With Unions.

State Governors Facing Resistance From Public Employee Unions.

Ohio Governor Against Public Employees’ Right To Walk-Out – Would Punish Workers Who Go On Strike.

Government Transportation Workers in the Netherlands Plan Strike

Indiana Teachers Unions Protest Over State Plans to Expand Charter Schools

Minnesota Unions Protest Government Spending Cuts

Egyptian Strike Threatens Suez Canal

UK Unions March Against Budget Cuts

Spain’s Socialists Settle on Cuts As Better Than Nothing

UK Union To Protest Against Cultural Cuts

Egypt’s Temporary Military Government Bans Public Union’s Strike

U.S. State Dept. Supports Union Protest In Algeria, and Quotes “reaffirm our support for the universal rights of the Algerian people”

Communist Party of Britain (CPB) Organizing With Unions To Protest Government Cuts in UK

Freedom and Democracy Now Group and Public Workers Plan Protest In Morocco To Meet The Social Demands of Workers

Pakistan’s Airline Unions Continue Protests For Government To Subsidize Salaries For Heavily Inefficient and Overstaffed Agencies- Causes Massive Flight Cancellations

AFGE President John Gage Encourages More Protests and Donations From Federal Workers To Turn The American Public Opinion Around About Unions

National Treasury Employees Union Pushes For Support of House Bill Providing 4-Week Paid Parent Leave On Top Of 12 Weeks Unpaid Leave For Same Thing
(ProgressiveSocialist Steny Hoyer Quote- “It is time for America to catch up with the rest of the world on this issue and realize that a right to paid leave is more than a family matter – it is a public good that means healthier families, more productive children, and a stronger economy for all of us.)