Virginia Seeks To Block Feds From Exerting More Power Over The State Through EPA Rules

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski To Defend Net Neutrality Rule At House Subcommittee Meeting

Obama 2012 Budget Expands Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009 To Ensure Benefits For Same-sex Domestic Partners of Federal Employees, Expand Rights for LGBTs, and Increase Money To States For Anti-Bullying Effort

Obama 2012 Budget Gives Bureau of Ocean Energy Management More Money and Power For Drilling Regualtions and Increases Inspection Fees

Sacramento Regional Transit Unions Get $53 mil In Obama’s 2012 Budget

Obama Requests IRS Funding Increase of $1.1 billion in 2010 Budget, Including $33 mil For Website Expansion

National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST) Gets 16% Funding Increase In Obama 2012 Budget

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency’s Budget To Get 16% Proposed Rise for Oceans’ Agency Budget as Satellite Costs Mount

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy To Get 35% Increase In Obama 2012 Budget For Cybersecurity Expansion

Increase Federal Regulations On Win Turbine Energy To Save Birds Stifle The Same Energy Plans Obama Is Determined To Implement

Expanding Government Indoctrination – Dept. of Education Says That Any Reduction in Budget Reckless

Cincinnati Mayor Asking For $4.2 mil For Airport Customs Station – Last Year They Service 200 Travelers

Obama Wants To Implement New Inspection Fees To Implement The Food Safety Modernization Act

Rick Perry Calls Federal Government a ‘Monster’ Harming States

Clinton’s Forgotten Dictatorial Tendencies That Extended Government Power

Senate Rejects Bid To Cut Spending In Air Bill

Federal Workforce Reduction Act Introduction decried By National Treasury Employees Union

Ass Crack Screeners’ Union Bosses Pleased With Democrat’s Bill Blockage Denying TSA Collective Bargaining Rights

Federal Employee Union AFGE Spends 1 Million Of Your Taxpayer Funded Union Dues and Activates 2 Million Workers To Fight Budget Cuts

Federal Workers Union AFGE Creates…Wait For It…”The Truth Quad” With Your Tax Dollars To Mislead Taxpayers About Fed Gov’t Unions

U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta Introduces Legislation To Ban “Union-favoring” Project Labor Agreements

5,000 More Federal Employee Union Members Could Be Hired 2011 To Implement Dodd-Frank Bill

Republican Want 3 Days To Review and Debate 2012 Budget – Steny Hoyer Says Thursday, 3pm Is Deadline

$20 mil in Federal Funds To MA “Clean Energy” Companies Was a Success Creating a Couple of Dozen Jobs?

Federal Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Gets 11.5% Funding Increase To Comply With Dodd-Frank Bill

EPA Works With HUD and DOT To Expand The Sustainable Communities Building Blocks Program

Federal Government Buys Up Gulf Oil Spill Seafood For Military Consumption For Promotional Purposes

Frank Seeks to Increase SEC Funding in House Debate

Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Next Generation Air Transportation System Seeks Additional $372 mil in Funding in 2012 Budget

Obama’s 2012 Budget Resists Research Cuts – Requests 6% Funding Increase

Federal Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Gets 11.5% Funding Increase To Comply With Dodd-Frank Bill

OSHA and MSHA To Get Funding Increases In 2012 Budget