Want to know who’s out there fighting for and against the American Constitution? Here ya go!

US Constitution Gets Second Life With New Website

New Website For The American Constitution

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VT Lawmakers Ponder Proposing U.S. Constitutional Amendment Clarifying a Corporation Is Not a Person

ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation Will Represent Unnamed Plaintiff in School Ten Commandments Case

VA Senate Kills Bill That Would Make State 36th To Ratify The Equal Rights Amendment

Judge Napolitano Shuts Down Gretchen Carlson’s Suggestion US Constitution Outdated

Constitution Club Expands Into St. Clair County, IL

Judge Nepolitano Talks With Northern Exposure Actress About Her Constitution Education Program

SC Lawmakers Introduce Legislation For a 28th Amendment For State Power Over Federal Gov’t.

Sharia Law or the Constitution?

Idaho House of Representatives Is The Fist State In The Nation To Nullify Obamacare

Progressives Want The Constitution To Remain a “Living Document” Until They Can Find A Way To Destroy It

Possible 2012 Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Speaks to GOP Legislators About Balanced Budget Amendment

Monster on the Loose: A Federal Government Unchained from US Constitution

Two Laid-Off TN Teachers Sue Gov’t For Breach of Establishment Clause

The Duplicity of Warren Buffett – Not Acting On His Supposed Constitutional Belief

Litigation Proceed Regarding US Gov’t Abridging Free Speech Laws In Twitter Case

Three Texas Voters File Federal Lawsuit Claiming Census Results Not Valid for Re-districting Purposes

Download List Of US Congressmen Voting Against and For The Patriot Act Extension

Maryland Lawmaker Introduce Resolution Against Federal Government Overreach

AZ Sheriff Mack Will Speak To A Tea Party Group and Discuss The 10th Amendment

Fox Lane Students Get Lessons on the Constitution – High School Encourages Students To Learn It

Conservative Think Tank Slams Texas’ New Social Studies Standards

Sen. Rand Paul, Clarence Thomas, & 10th Amendment Advocates Agree on Commerce Clause Abuse

Arizona State Legislature Seeks to Intervene in Federal Lawsuit to Defend AZ Immigration Law

Climate Policy by Judicial Fiat: How Global Warming Lawsuits Subvert the Democratic Process

Pretending to Save Us from the TSA

NYC Pension Managers May Face Firing for Badmouthing Workers’ Benefits

The International Association of Constitutional Law(IACL) Sees Need For World Constitution Changes To Reflect Social and Economic Justice In The “New Global Order” (See “About The IACL”)

American Taxpayer Funded Site By U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs Pushes Universal Declaration of Human Rights Agenda