Kansas Unveils Arizona-like Bill Targeting Illegal Aliens

GA Lawmakers Want To Fight Illegal immigration – Costs Georgia $2.4 Billion a Year

Phoenix Detectives Arrest Kidnapping Illegal Aliens – Also Find Illegal Guns and Illegal Drugs

Virginia Lawmaker ‘Likely’ to Sue DHS Over Illegal Immigrant Data After Killing

VA Wants To Be A Sanctuary State Dem Lawmakers With Help From Business Kill 10 Illegal Immigration Bills

Tennessee Republicans Introduce Illegal Immigration Bill – Democrats Decry Police State Tactics

Indiana Legislators Move To Toughen Current Illegal Immigration Laws

Federal Government Targets More Companies To Find Undocumented Workers That Will Move On To The Next Job

WA, NW, UT Move To Disallow Drivers Licences For Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary State – MD Governor Martin O’Malley Says He Wants Discount College Tuition For Illegal Aliens

In CA, ICE Allowing No Exemptions For Opting Out Of Program Identifying Illegal Aliens

ACLU Gets Activist Judge To Delay Bill Renting Home and Hiring Illegals In NE City until 2012

Utah Laws To Allow State To Recoup Cost Of Medical Services To Illegal Aliens From Fed

Houston Police Arrest Illegal Aliens bar Owner of Sex Slave Trafficking

RI Lawmakers Want Discount Tuition For Illegal Saying There are No Taxpayer Cost and Its Good For The Economy

Obama’s DHS Ignores Another FOIA Request – Investigation Memo On VA Illegal Alien Nun Killer

AR Illegal Immigration Efforts Equivalent To “Show Me Your Papers Please”

ICE Closing Illegal Immigrant Holding Facility CA City, But Give No Reason

18 suspected Illegal Immigrants Arrested Off CA Coast – Could Be Left To Return To Mexico On Their Own

TX Hispanic Law Enforcement Agents Protest Illegal Immigration Measures

State Instituting Its Own Dream Act

1 Week ON AZ Border – 2,500 Illegals Arrested and $27 mil In Drugs, $76,00 Cash Found

Still Less Than Half Of US/Mexico Border Protected

FL Workers Union Protests VA Hospital Construction Site – Contractor Giving Jobs To Illegal Aliens