So your not able to determine the best prospect for the GOP nomination in the 2012 GOP Presidential primary? As usual, the media doesn’t think so and wants to decide. They may be right unless voters cast aside the sound bite-mentality that is prevalent in America today. So why wouldn’t the media, spokespeople of the DNC and RNC, predominately owned and operated by far-left socialists and big-government, hawkish military Neo-cons, take advantage of it.

The left-wing media wants to see someone who will wear a GOP label while pushing for Obama-like unchecked Federal Government expansion or someone with a tattered political and personal background, whose name invokes the memory of GOP promises gone bad. The right-wing media wants someone who will continue big-spending, especially if it’s military in nature or someone who will help marginalize the Tea Party members. In other words, Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

Romney will continue the Obama freedom-killing legacy of Progressivism and the media can try to instil in voters that no discernible difference exists between Obama and his GOP opponent. On the other hand, there’s very little loss to Democrats if the Presidential winner is a socialist health care-loving Republican progressive. Besides that, The left and right know that a Romney nomination will cause a huge rift between the Tea Party and GOP establishment, resulting in an easy win for Obama.

Gingrich is a has-been Congressman whose “Contract With America” still finds its way into political discussions about GOP failure. He was your classic well entrenched, big-spending, big-government politicians selling a big lie. The nomination of Gingrich will also set the table for a Tea Party split from the GOP establishment and provide an easy win for Obama.

Here’s the latest weekly deluge of stories by the left and right media (predominately left) explaining why you should support their preferences.
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