Well, we need to keep doing it. Exposing more of the behind the scenes stories that prove how worthless our current Federal Government is. Oh yea, also included in that group of worthless are the statist, big government Republicans. These are just a few of the issues that would lead any sensible, fiscally responsible American to shake their head in shame for electing these politicians who do not have our best interests in mind. You may not want to read this stuff if you’re in a good mood.

TSA Ass Crack Inspectors’ Election To Choose Union Representation Begins Wednesday

Democratic Socialist of America Panel Member, Former Kerry Aid With No Accounting Background Is Appointed # 2 Spot In Office Of Budget Management and Here On The Socialist Speaking Engagement

National Treasury Employees Unions and Democrat Lawmakers Protest On Capital Hill Opposiing Proposed Massive Cuts In Funding For Their Agencies

Senate Bill Aims To Combat Pharmaceutical Theft

No Point In Trying To Identify Government Waste

Slanted Bloomberg Poll Claims Republicans Are To Blame For Any Gov’t. Shutdown and Most Americans Don’t Want Gov’t. Cuts, But Want High-speed Rail, Expanding Access To Broadband Internet and Developing New Sources Of Alternative Energy

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in New York Says Federal Gov’t. Not Broke – It Can Borrow All It Wants

SEC Shapiro States We Can Find Waste, Just Give Us 400 More Employees

Obama Prefers To Drag Out Health Care Lawsuit – Appeals To Another Disctict Court Instead Of Seeking SCOTUS Fast Track

Delusional Washington Post’s Ezra Klein Claims Duplication In Federal Government Programs Is Good

Company Calls on Consumers to Show the IRS the Appreciation They So Richly Deserve

Robert Tobias, Former President Of The National Treasury Employees Union Says Any Plans To Re-organize Federal Gov’t. Should Include Employee Unions

Former Office of Personnel Managemet Direct Says Continuing Resoutions Not Fair To Sacrificing Union Member Federal Workers

Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry To Testify About Changing Federal Pay System – Will testify Fed. Workers Are Not Overpaid

Accountants, Librarians, Information Technology Specialists and Others At The GAO Took The First Step Friday Toward Forming a Union

Obama Seeks $8 mil For Independent Panel To Decide What Government Propoerty To Sell Off- Process Critized By SEC Who Would Have To Move

DARPA Head, Regina Dugan, Awards Contact To Company She Founded

Union-Management Partnership Signed In by Obama (EO 13522) Having Trouble Getting Started Because Of Working Relationships