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It’s refreshing to hear criticism about government unions from private sector union members. My criticisms of government unions are levelled at the union leaders and political tom-foolery they are engaged in against American taxpayers. It’s time to kick these taxpayer-supported trough-feeders to the curb.

As a longtime member of an International construction union may I add that I and ‘some’ co-workers understand that unions were never meant to be instruments to pry monies out of the hands of taxpayers…They were designed to force greedy industrialists to provide a living wage and safe workplace…The American taxpayer is not a greedy industrialist…he/she is a hostage in orchestrated destruction of this once great nation by corrupt union officials and democratic politicans intent on feathering their nests at any cost…Private unions? Yes…Public unions? Absolutely not.

Just a reminder that the Federal Reserve Bank and, for that matter, all central banking, is an enemy of America’s financial stability. The assault continues as The Fed seems to be licking its chops over the prospect of initiating QE3.  Just a reminder of what happens to those criticizing the Fed against the wishes of the financial, media, and government elite – You are labelled a KOOK. So here the latest and greatest regarding the financial terrorist outfit that is hell bent on undermining American prosperity and freedom.

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