It’s apparent our that our Federal Government is out of control and talks on spending limits and budget cuts are merely hot air being blown around by both Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats target military spending to piss off Republicans and Republicans target social programs to piss off the Democrats. The voters are put in the middle and told to pick a side. The fact is, there are but a few in our Congress and Federal Administration that want to cut anything. Mission accomplished in both parties – demonize any cut in Federal spending.

That is precisely why targeted budget cuts are a sham. They merely create a bunch of talking points, name calling, and inaction. Today, you can witness the plan in action and it’s deplorable. Until we can truly demand that our elected officials are held accountable to their constituents, they will continue providing more lip service to Americans while flipping the bird and explaining that you just don’t understand. The bottom line is this. Everyone working for and benefiting from federal government spending (taxpayer dollars) has to take a haircut. Unless we get to that point, the entire process of cutting the budget will continue to be an exercise in futility. When/if that occurs, no one person/group can claim they are a target.

Instead of looking to gut politicians’ pet projects, elected officials need to man up and take their lumps with everyone else. So Republicans, that means military cuts, tax code reform, etc.. For Democrats, that includes Planned Parenthood, home heating assistance program, Pell Grants, etc.. Until “we the people” and the political class come to the realization that no program is a “sacred cow”, we will continue to be captivated by this political ping pong. This doesn’t preclude rehabilitation to the big 3 (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security). It’s just that both sides of the Congressional isle want to keep up the playground bully mentality, while everyday, average Americans pay the price. They just aren’t mature enough to tackle anything more than NPR, Pell Grants, and an unneeded military jet engine program. Until these clowns stop pitting Americans against each other and vote for the betterment of our country, instead of the well being of lobbyists and corporations, we cannot take them seriously and let them lead as they were elected to do. This especially includes members of Congress who positioned themselves as fiscal conservatives and sought and secured backing from Tea Party members for victory.

Unless all Federal spending is targeted for cuts, we will not get the reform needed to secure America’s future. The small sample of stories below exemplify the hazards of targeted budget cuts and the demonization that comes from those protecting their “sacred cow(s)”. Wake-up America and grow up Washington.

Senator John Kerry Visited The South End’s ABCD Head Start Center Today To Warn Of The Damage Proposed Budget Cuts Could Cause To Such Agencies

Rally For An Hour Tuesday In Port Townsend In Opposition To Federal Budget Cuts

Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors Have Sent A Letter To Senators Boxer and Feinstein About The Importance Of The Federal Workforce Investment Act.

Obama: ‘We can’t cut education’ – better schools mean more jobs — and they should not be sacrificed by the desire to reduce federal budget deficits

Maria Cantwell – A balanced budget will require responsible cuts in spending. But cuts that affect high tech jobs are not the answer.

IRS Commissioner, Douglas Shulman opposing federal budget cut says: cut spending by $600 million, lose $4 billion in revenue and add $3.4 billion to the deficit.

Bloomberg Rag Claims Majority of Americans Oppose Cuts to Medicare, Education, Environmental Protection, Medical Research and Community-renewal Programs – Want Cuts In Defense and Want To Repeal Tax Cuts For The Wealthy.

Cuts For The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s New Public Complaint Database and Funding For Poison Control Centers Are Opposed

CA Governor Brown Says Loss Of Federal Stimulus Money Will Cost 100’s Of Teaching Jobs

Protester Say Federal Budget Cuts Take Too Much From Planned Parenthood, AmeriCorps and national parks

How The Budget Bill Will Decimate Conservation

Mission Of Public Broadcasting Vital To The Country and Cuts Would Be Devastating

No Cuts in Budget; Just Taxing More Is the Fix – Claim Americans Oppose All Tax Cuts Except Foreign Aid, except Israel’s Cut of Taxpayer Money

Federal Budget Cuts In Community Development Funding Threaten Wheels to Work Program

Clyburn Opposes Federal Budget Cuts That Will Affect 21st Century Community Learning Center Program

National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Oppose The Excise Tax Plan That Targets Fedral Employees

Professers Claim Budget Cuts To Pell Grants and Other College Freebies Unfair – Taking Away From Research Causing Professers To Spend More Time In Classroom

Don’t Cut The Federal Budget -Just Sell Off National Parks So We Can Further Ramp-up Spending