Have you the sneaky suspicion, as I, that Obama actually managed to tell the truth once. You know, necessary sky rocketing energy prices. This is the mindset of the America destroying, free-enterprise-hating Progressives, Socialists, and Marxists. No better way can I think of to stifle economic growth in the U.S. than to make sure we wouldn’t be able to afford  as much as cow farts to provide for American’s energy needs. Listening to the Marxist Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will provide all you need to know about the ideology of big-government, nanny-state elitist statists.

She explains that increased domestic drilling in and off-shore of the U.S. will provide the wrong type of jobs for Americans. The only employment acceptable to these psychopaths are those putting taxpayers on the hook to provide. In other words, it is not a legitimate job unless the government is providing it and is part of some labor union – preferably taxpayer supported one that ensures the continuation of pitting Americans against one another.

Below is her little Marxist rant as she explains to us “little people” that just do not understand. Below the video are a list of attack stories against any viable energy source in the U.S. that is not something prohibitively expensive.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Says Drilling In U.S. Won’t Decrease Dependence On Foreign Oil and Is Not A Jobs Bill

WV – Halt To Drilling Permits Wanted

5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Issued A Stay Tuesday, Blocking Feldman’s Ruling To Issue Permits

Presidential Commission Comments On Arctic Drilling- Terrible fog, Very Severe Hurricane-type Forces,  and Darkness A Problem

Domestic Production Won’t Solve Oil Woes

House Democrats Deny Existence Of ‘De Facto Moratorium

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Michael Bromwich Says Unless He Hires More People, The Drilling Permit Rate Necessarily Has To Slow Down

Ass-Backward Democrats Want President To Open The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Michael Bromwich Says On Drilling Permits “I Don’t Think Anyone Understands”

The League of Women Voters of Mountain Lakes Hosts “Green Cafe” To Help Oppose Drilling For Natural Gas

Crises in Japan, Gulf, Thwart US Energy Accord

Ken Salazar: BLM Drilling Permits On The Rise

EPA Reluctant To Issue 137 Gas Drill Permits In WY Because Location In Prime Moose, Elk and Mule Deer Habitat

Menendez, Schumer, Nelson Touts ‘Use It Or Lose’ Bill To Curb Expansion Of Oil Drilling Leases