Let us not forget why the Federal Government’s budget situation is unresolved. The establishment Congressional leadership wanted to keep their unmitigated spending spree out of the voter’s minds in order to circumvent an ass-whoopin in the 2010 mid-term election.

Its been widely reported that Chucky Schumer accidentally told the truth to the wrong people this week, when reporters got to hear this idiot give his fellow Democrat dolts the new blame game plan in order to deflect attention away from the fact that the Democrat-controlled Congress refused to pass their budget-busting plans in 2010. It’s unfortunate we can’t hear the audio from this snafu, but here is what was reported by the Washington Examiner yesterday.

Schumer thought he was on a private line with four Democratic senators who were to talk with reporters about the current budget stalemate.

Schumer instructed the group, made up of Sens. Barbara Boxer of California, Tom Carper of Delaware, Ben Cardin of Maryland and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, to tell reporters that the GOP is refusing to negotiate.

He told the group to make sure they label the GOP spending cuts as “extreme.”

“I always use extreme, Schumer said. “That is what the caucus instructed me to use.”

Someone must have finally told Schumer that the media were listening and he stopped talking midsentence.

Like clockwork, the plan was passed on to all major media outlets and they ran with it. What a great opportunity for both Congressional Democrats and big-government establishment Republicans/Neo-cons to deflect attention away from their own incompetence.  Here are stories following that script:

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So, let us travel way back to the past (2010) and see why the Democrat leadership needs to deflect attention from their lack of leadership. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for government’s fiscal irresponsibility, so the Tea Party formed to initiate some fiscal sanity. So, how in the hell can the Tea Party be blamed for this? They can try, but the gig is up. It’s unfortunate the “sheepstream media” has, again, resorted to propagating lies to demonize those who want to save America from the Socialist sink hole both political parties have cast us into.

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